Workers Digest #1

Thieves! Thieves and Liars!
I made an earlier post about thieves in our midst. Before, all theft consisted of small items such as food and newspapers. We’d been trading war stories over missing bottles of juice, candy bars, and the like. One person even reported that someone went into the fridge, into a bag that held a shrimp salad, from which someone picked all the shrimp out the salad and then put it back into the bag, back into the fridge.

Now, the thieves have graduated into the big league. Now they are stealing wallets. Tye’s wallet was stolen from her bag this past Sunday and rumours are now flying. I wasn’t present that particular Sunday but through investigatory analysis, I have narrowed it down to a few suspects. There are some people at this job that are low-class and I wouldn’t put it past them to steal from a co-worker. They look like they would steal from their own grandmother. Tye told me of her suspicion and I must say I concur. Midgetina, as I will call her, seems a prime suspect. She’s ghetto and classless and always talking about how she is broke and needs to do overtime. But she never does any. Instead, she just robs from her peers! Supposedly there is an investigation, but as no one saw anything I doubt anything will come to fruition.

What surprises me is her supposed cohort. A person I wouldn’t think would be involved in such tactics; however, one day this very same person told me that she didn’t care if a man had a girlfriend or a wife, she would mess with him anyway. Once you open the door on questionable ethics, you might as well kick it wide open. This place amazes me sometimes.

You Can Find Me in the Club
Last night we went to Iguana Cantina for Tye’s birthday. Let me just say never again in my life will I set foot in that horrid contraption. It reminded me of old Hammerjack’s. Way too many people in there, guys grabbing all on my ass. One guy grabbed my ass so deep that if I had nuts he would have fluffed them. Then some other guy straight slapped me on my ass. I ain’t into all that. I know that in clubs guys be tryin’ to grab on the ass and everything, but still, it was out of control. Then some white chicks were fighting. One of them was a big girl and the bouncer just scooped her up like she was a ping pong ball and flung her out the door. It was hilarious, but for real, that place was not for me. I didn’t want to make Tykeisha feel bad, but I couldn’t stay in there. Everyone that said they were going to come didn’t show up so it was only 5 of us. Me, Shannon, Ty, Tye, and Tye’s friend who was really trying to get up on Ty, but apparently wasn’t catching the feeling that he was gay.

And then it was ridiculous cold last night. I wore my coat in the club which I never do and refused to take off my gloves. It was just too cold to be believed.


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