Workers’ Compensation #2

Just when I thought my job could sink no lower, it has happened.

I have been employed here for FOUR years.  It has been up and down, mostly down, but seriously there’s no real reason to complain because I get paid well for work that a brain-dead retard with his hands tied behind his back could do.  I like to complain about everything because it gives me a sense of control in a world full of chaos. 

So when I first got hired here, I didn’t get my first paycheck because of some kind of hiring error.  For some reason they had my direct deposit wrong or whatever.  They wound up cutting me a check on the spot and that was that.  Never again did I have a problem with my money until last year when I returned home from Basic Training. 

For whatever odd reason they decided to throw out my direct deposit information and they were sending me checks in the mail.  The problem was the checks were coming in these random blank envelopes with no pay stubs and no return address.  Of course, I know that money does not just randomly fall out of the sky.  I would never have such good luck.  Because there were no pay stubs, I never associated the money coming from my job.  I thought they were coming from the military, but they weren’t.  So how was I to know that they were overpaying me?  This happened from September until November, and then in January they sent me this trifling letter claiming that they had overpaid me, and they were going to start taking $300 out of my check every payweek until all $1700 was paid back. Three hundred dollars is a lot of money to be deducted at one time. 

Nobody could even explain to me why I was getting overpaid.  So whatever.  After that was cleared up, two weeks later they said, “ooops, we overpaid you another $900.  We are going to take an additional $110 until this is paid back.  Again, nobody could explain how I was supposedly overpaid.

Fine.  I go away to AIT and right before I left, I had about 90 hours of leave which I purposely burned up going on vacation to Atlanta.  I used up all my sick time and when I filled out my LWOP papers, I stated that I wanted to use my military leave until that was exhausted and I would go into a leave without pay status.  Instead of taking my military leave, they started taking annual leave, which I did not have, and as a result I went into the negative by about 65 hours.  When I returned to work in October, I discovered I had negative 66 hours of leave I have to remake before I can start earning leave again.  Okay, great.  So I can never take a day off. 

Then… the icing on the cake.  In November, I went to drill.  When I got paid that month, I got a check for $400.  FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS.  Just so you understand well.  They had me 24 hours of LWOP for military, instead of using military leave, and some random 16 hours of LWOP that I supposedly was not at work although I have a time sheet stating I was there.  I talked to the retards in HR, but they don’t know their asshole from their sister’s titty because he could not explain why this was happening to me.  Same thing in December:  24 hours of LWOP although I was at work.

And today… again.. at the end of December they have me down for 13 hours of leave without pay although I was at work every single day in the pay week and was not late once.  THIRTEEN HOURS!  And then I have my time sheets proving I was at work.  The sad part is no one can explain to me why this is happening to me.  The HR guy said he would have my missed hours from December and November returned to me on this pay check but not only were they not there, but I’m messed up again.  I can’t keep getting these weak ass checks.  Thank the good lord I got wealthy parents and a healthy trust fund to lean upon or I’d be up shit’s creek.  As it were, I don’t like to ask money from my dad all the time because he lectures me on finances.  I just hate hearing it.  And my trust fund is for retirement so I can live like a princess.  It’s not to be nickled and dimed while I am young.

At any rate, I am seriously considering a lawyer because this is just ridiculous.  You have no idea how stressful it is to do this lame job everyday and deal with shitty people and know that you might not be getting paid.  My manager got upset with me because I made a comment about Lincoln freeing slaves, so I should be paid for my work.  She said, “There’s no need for that type of attitude.”  Bitch, you’re getting your money, so I should be getting mine.  And everyday I am missing money, my ire grows.  I already have an attitude problem, so don’t make it worse.

It’s just hard coming in this bitch everyday knowing that something else is going to happen.  I feel like there’s nothing I can do.  I have no recourse and everyone above me is completely incompetent.  A lot of these people who were promoted into these managerial and HR positions got into their jobs because they were on the old metrics team which consisted of pregnant women and people who had gotten hurt on the job.  They managed to weasle their way permanently into those positions but really have neither experience nor qualifications to do the work.  When it gets tough, they flounder hopelessly and the rest of us at the bottom are left holding the bag. 

There’s been so many people that have been shit upon by these upper levels and it’s time for it to end.  They didn’t want us to have a union because they don’t want us to have opportunities to strike, but as a result we have no protection.  So when something happens to us, there’s no one to represent us.  I can’t take on a whole government agency by myself, so it’s a lost cause. 

If I ever quit this job, which I’m hoping to soon, I will put everything this agency has done on blast.  I’ll call up some media persons and just go to town.  I’ll everyone I know everything I know.  Everything.  And it won’t be a pretty sight.


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