A Poem For My Mood #1: Never Too Much

I will always be here for you
Do whatever you ask of me
Pay your mouth and pay mine too
If that’s what keeps you satisfied
Enough for you to call me friend
And keep you clinging to my side

I will never ask anything in return
Because I would never expect it
I only hope that you will remember me
If the time ever comes
That I should need someone to lean upon
Someone that I can call my friend

We all have our ups and downs
When you’re down you’re really down
It’s nice to get picked up sometimes
But if you want to keep walking
Then that’s fine too
I’ll brush off my own dirt
And make sure I get yours too

I will gladly be your dummy
We can get a good laugh at my expense
If that’s what you want me to be
I’ll be your funny ha-ha joke
Just to see your pretty smile
I would never want to see you unhappy

I will always hold your hand in the dark
I never want you to feel lonely
You always have a friend in me
No matter what you do or don’t do to me
Sometimes sadness overwhelms me
It’s not important, as long as you are happy

We all go through things sometimes
But if I can help you, I will
It’s nice to know you’re loved
But if you don’t have the time
That’s okay too
I will love myself
And make sure I love you too

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