Totally Random #1

iPrincess’s Heir

I took iPrincess to the iHospital yesterday.  They were unable to revive her.  I was very sad; however, life must go on.  The iDoctors said they would give me a new one.  iPrincess will be missed, but iPrincess II will soon take her place.

Chocolate Special K

I’ve been on this thing trying to eat better and maintain a healthy weight and appearance.  Instead of butter slathered waffles and pancakes and breakfast every morning, I switched to my second favourite breakfast:  cereal.  I hadn’t been to the store in, quite literally, months.  What did I discover?  Chocolate Special K cereal.  Chocolate  God’s most divine invention. 

The only problem is I want to eat the whole box in one sitting.  I can’t restrain myself because I have no will power.

The Mentally Disabled(???) Man

This afternoon I packed up my lunch bag and headed down to the car, on my way to do some overtime.  When I got in the car I realised I had forgotten my book so I ran back into the house to get it.  On the way, I saw a man walking down the street.  Why is this important?  As I was getting back into the car, the man approached my vehicle.  I had already shut the door and the car wasn’t on.  I thought he was trying to say something to me, so I fumbled for my keys so I could crack the window a little. 

After being robbed once for being an idiot, I wasn’t going to do something dumb like get out of the car and approach him.  Obviously, I couldn’t open the window fast enough for him because he started spitting on my car.  SPITTING.  He just spit and spit and spit and SPIT on my car.  I’m trying to be a nicer person in 2007 but I take exception to someone spitting on my car.  I got out, “What the fuck is your problem?”

He says nothing and walks away.

Totally random.


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