Daily News February 8

Normally when I do these little news shorts, I only talk about the super crazy funny stuff that really isn’t news, but it just makes you laugh.  I feel that there is really too much negativity in the news about people getting killed, people hurting children, sex, lies, corruption, and all that other mess.  We really don’t need another “reporter” reporting all the crap that goes on.  We know that a dozen people got shot in Iraq today.  We know that someone has taken and abused a child.  We already know that the leaders of the federal government are incompetent.  That is not news to me. 


But today, I’m going to have to change it up a bit and talk about something serious.  Really, it isn’t all that serious, it’s just funny, and it’s just sad.  So sad. 


Let’s talk about the NASA Astronaut Lisa Nowack.


First of all, do you have any idea how much hard work it takes to become an astronaut?  It’ s not something you dream up one day and put in an application and you get it or you don’t.  It’s years of hard work.  Intense schooling.  The right connections.  Everything.  You have to work hard it and you see there’s only a handful of them so to make it and actually get to say, “I am an astronaut and I go in space and fix things in space” that is an accomplishment.  If I were smart enough to be an astronaut and I became one, I’d probably walk around all day with a sign on my chest stating that I was an astronaut.  I’ve never had any desire to become one because I hate math and science, and frankly I’m not all that smart.  I probably don’t have what it takes even if I tried.


This lady, Lisa Nowack had that opportunity.  This bitch is a naval captain, a NASA astronaut, fixing the camera on the Hubble space telescope (is that what it is, see, I don’t even know).  She is having an affair with a man who is having an affair with another woman, and what does she do…. Typical female.  Start acting a fool! 


She was of the presence of mind to get into her vehicle in Houston, TX… no wait, back up.  She had the presence of mind to put on a DIAPER.  Diaper  Diaper.  And drive 900 miles across the country to Orlando, FL with the intent to kidnap/murder/maim this woman.  “Bitch, get off my man!”  She put on a diaper so that she would not have to stop to take a bathroom break.  She showed up at the woman’s job, who also worked for NASA, but not an astronaut.  Followed her onto an employee shuttle and into the employee parking lot and maced her. 


When the police arrived, they found a mallet, some piping, tubes, and other odds and ends that lead them to believe that Nowack seriously intended to do harm to the woman.  The woman managed to escape and Lisa Nowack, astronaut no more went to jail.  Attempted murder in the first, attempted kidnapping, aggravated assault, and some other charge.  There were four total.  They should have added a fifth one, DUMB ASS HOE.


How could you just throw away everything you worked for over some man.  I hope this man was laying it down right, like king ding dong, that it just had you crazy, like you were fiending for the cocky because there’s nothing in this universe that would make me ballistic. 


I admit, as a woman, I have gone crazy over a guy, but when I go crazy it’s all mental.  I’m obsessed on the inside, like I want to call him all the time or I talk about him all the time.  I’m not driving 900 miles in a diaper.  I’m not giving up my cool ass hard to get job over him.  I know I have done crazy shit, but that is bizarre.  This lady is probably going to jail and even if she doesn’t go to jail, she is not going to space again. 


I hate to see women do things like this to themselves.  There’s no ding-ding in the world good enough to pay the bills.  There’s no ding-ding good enough to make me lose my self respect.  I might be crazy for five minutes, but after that, no, reality sets in.  I guess that is just me.  Lisa Nowack is not the first woman to go crazy, and she is not going to be the last, but for real, ladies…. Get a grip!  Unless there is gold at the end of the rainbow… why?


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