Decisions, Decisions

I wrote previously that I was contemplating a move to Atlanta for financial reasons. Ty was set upon moving to Atlanta, and I kind of jumped on the band wagon thinking of ways to get out of debt quickly. I was going to live with my aunt and just pay bills for a little while.

Things never work out as we plan them, and I think it’s for a reason. I got my transfer but they only wanted me to transfer as a 20-hour part timer which is far less than I’m doing now. It would be no point to work only 20 hours, so I decided not to transfer after all.

I got a new apartment, a little cheaper and with more perks. I think if I start paying attention to what I’m doing, planning a budget and actually sticking to it, I can still achieve my end goal.

I didn’t even really want to go to Atlanta in the first place. It’s a great place, dont’ get me wrong. I enjoy visiting and I have family there, but I just have no real desire to live out there. And I think I was chasing after something, trying to hang on to something that doesn’t have anymore fire. I’ve already mentioned how I feel about certain friendships in my life, having discovered that they are not at all real friendships. What would be the point?

I’m completely settled into my new place and I adore it. It’ll work for now and the more I think on things I really feel like I made a right decision. Moving can be so tiresome. I should know, I’ve done a bajillion times. The older you get, making friends becomes more bothersome. Even gathering the right contacts and acquaintances can be a trial. I still don’t think I have solid friends here in Baltimore, but at least I got some people to party with on a Saturday night, someone to gossip with at work, and a few attractive boys to call in the middle of the night when I get lonely.

Naturally, I miss being close to my family but I’ve been travelling down to Florida quite frequently, and I can still keep doing it because I enjoy that long ass drive all by myself watching Lord of the Rings trilogy, stuffing my face with Waffle House waffles (since they are far and few between in Maryland), while trying to keep the car on the road.

For the time being, this is the best course of action.


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