On Being Responsible

I hate being a responsible adult.

I have drill this weekend, and it’s a pretty serious one.  Usually they are such bullshit, but I actually have to do some work this time.  It would behoove me to go to bed on time, get a good night’s rest and all that so I can be up and at’em at 700 in the morning.


My favourite DJ is guesting!  He’s retired so this is a rare treat. Next time he guests, I could be in East Jabip. 

Stay up all night and go to drill and take my PT test bleary-eyed?  Or…. Be a good little girl and go to bed at a reasonable hour?

Or…. !!! Blow off work on Friday, sleep all day and wake up in time to get dressed for the club and take a power nap after the club and still get up at 6?

I’ll take “C” for $2000,  Alex!


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