Workers’ Compensation #4

Even if you don’t know who Dan Reed is, I would appreciate it if everyone made a reply and agreed that he is a shit-eating bastard.

He is one the most useless creatures God ever put on this earth, a total waste of space and oxygen.  There are starving children in Africa because he is taking up extra resources here in America.  He is incompetent and a quivering mass of fleshy obesity.  How a person of his (lack of) intelligence acquired his position is beyond me.  I’m baffled to understand how this man is in charge of finance, when it is evident that he is incapable of solving even the most basic of mathematical equations, like 5+5. 

If I thought I could get away with it, I’d stalk him and kick him in the shins repeatedly.  Then I’d tie him down to something and beat him with a sodden cane of bamboo like they do in Singapore. 

His crime:  blatant incompetence in the first degree.

If stupidity were painful, I would feel justice is served.


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