The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste

Waste… I meant waste.  Or did I?

Anyway, I registered for school yesterday.  I did say it was about time to start working on my Master’s.  I’m taking up some Homeland Security course at a military university. 

I’ve been on this maddening job hunt for the past few weeks.  What’s driving me insane, is that all last year when I was looking for new jobs, all of them were advertised for individuals with bachelor’s degrees, and now that I actually have one, now all the jobs are for people with Master’s. 

Why me?

You cannot possibly know how many jobs I’ve applied for in the past week.  I think I’m up to like 10.  I’m really serious when I say I want to leave Titties, Sex, and Ass.  Crystal was right when she told me that in previous years and months, I really didn’t want to leave because I didn’t try hard enough.  She said, “You put in the effort, but you really didn’t go for it.”  She’s right, because if I had the drive I have now back then, I would be gone.

If I don’t have something lined up or on my way out the door by the time summer rolls around, I’m throwing myself in front of a truck.

Please come to my funeral.  Food will be served.


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