Workers’ Compensation#7

What did I say was going to happen regarding this bid?  It would be all fucked up.  There’d be this total shift in power, people going places they don’t usually go and you’ll be working with people that you didn’t even know existed.

So the supervisors and leads bid today.  I don’t even know where half the leads bid.  So that’s going to be a surprise, but the supervisors… well, it ain’t looking too good.

I knew, because everything bad always happens to me, I knew that Oklahoma, the world’s dingy-iest man would wind up in my vicinity.  He is not a bad person, it’s just that he cannot manage anything.  He is a space cadet and he overreacts to everything.  Everything is a crisis.  Five people standing in line and he wants to hold breaks and lunches until next weekend, just to get the line down.

I am not at all thrilled about what is going to happen on this checkpoint, but on top of all that… there just might a supervisor rebid.

The powers-that-be, the geniuses who work in HR and down in D8, don’t have the brains to make the price of a packet of tea.  Probably if you put all their brain power together, you may only get enough for one functional brain.  The geniuses decided to go ahead with a bid even though they have promotions out, and people who bid may not be accepting their bid line.  Or people who did not bid, may not be getting a promotion and therefore have to find a place to work. 

It really affects the supervisors more than anything.  There are several supervisors who didn’t bid because they are in line for a promotion, but it is not guaranteed they will all get that promotion.  See, that’s what happens when you rush shit!

They should let me be in charge.


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