The Shit We See

In our line of work, we see a whole lot of crazy stuff.  Sometimes it’s funny, because we are so into people’s personal belongings that you really get to see what is going on behind closed doors with some people.

I mean, you dig through a bag and you find sex toys, porn, drugs, women’s underwear in men’s bags, etc.  Whatever.  You name it we have found it.  I once had to search a man’s bag because I thought I saw a knife on the X-Ray.  So, I’m digging through this bag, like the type you get a book store.  It was full of magazines.  The man was with his wife and she couldn’t understand what I could possibly be looking for.  The man was trying to tell her to get lost, but she wouldn’t.  They were an older couple, so I guess they were passed that “We’re so in love stage.”

Anyway, just through a cursory search I could not find the knife.  I took out all the magazines and there was a People magazine and Newsweek but there was also several raw, I mean, straight up nasty raw skin mags.  I didn’t mean to slap it out on the table like I did.  Usually when you find stuff private like that you try to be discreet as possible (unless the person is being an asshole and then you put that shit on blast) but there did happen to be some kids standing next to them and I didn’t want the little children to see that mess.  The wife took one glance at this trash, and the magazine had flipped open and it was the girl legs all spread, fingers all up in herkoochie… I mean it was so like whoa! 

The wife just flipped out.  “Why would you bring this filth?!  Oh my god, you’re embarassing me.  You disgusting…!!”  She basically cussed him out and ran off the checkpoint.  I finally found the ‘knife’ which turned out to be a fancy letter opener stuck between the pages of some skanky trash rag he was reading.   The husband was just like “Whatever.”  Obviously he didn’t care.

Another time I found a whole bag of heroin, like a damn wal-mart shopping bag full of heroin while I was looking for a stapler.  It’s just shit like that…

But that’s just the stuff we find in people’s bags.  What about the actual people?  I’ve had mother’s who bring in drugs and try to blame it on their 8 year old children.  A grandmother with cocaine residue in her bag that she borrowed from her grandson.  We see thousands of people a day, and you just don’t know these people.

I once said to someone, “We see so many people in a day, you ever wonder how many boarding passes we checked of people who may have raped, murdered, or stolen something serious?” 

Really.  One time about 3 years ago, the supervisor said on that day, Friday, it was so busy that we processed almost 20,000 passengers.

Twenty thousand people.  Granted, I didn’t actually come into contact with all 20,000 of them but think how many of them have a dark shady past.  Do you think everyone that flies out of BWI is some nice, Sunday-school going soccer mom?

The other day, it was a madhouse and we were so busy.  When we get like that we try to rush everyone through because people start complaining ab out how long the line is and why aren’t things moving.  Anyway, Shannon gets this passengers and his family.  The little boy is scared to go through the metal detector, so his father, his own father, just shoves the little boy through the metal detector and he falls down.  His neck snapped back so hard that Shannon said he could have got whiplash. 

Shannon, being passionate about children, went off on the guy.  “Why the fuck would you do that?  What the fuck is wrong with you?”  The wife is just standing there like, Oh my god, and the father, of course, gets annoyed because Shannon is digging in his ass.

That just makes me think.  How many of these people go home and abuse their wives and children at night.  You could just tell by looking at him that he frequently beats the crap out of his kid and wife, and we see stuff like that.  Most of the time we can’t do anything about it.  There happened to be no cops on the checkpoint at the time, but if there had maybe that man would have been locked up.

If you have kids and you don’t want them, why drag them around only to beat them?  There’s so many places you can take a child you don’t want where someone could actually love the child and care for it.  I just don’t see what satisfaction you get out of beating a kid. 

It’s just another depressing thing we see on our jobs, that doesn’t have anything to do with what we do.  When we see dildos in someone’s bag, we just laugh about it, but when you see some shit like that, we can only shake our heads.  It is a sad, sad world.


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