Daily News April 12

DC Madam Puts It On Blast

You may or may not have heard about the (now) infamous DC Madam Deborah Jean Palfrey.  She’s accused of running a high end escort service in DC.  Her clients are purported to be senators, congressmen, upscale laywers and doctors, and anyone else who’s who in Washington, DC. 

She’s being brought up on racketeering charges among other things, but now she is ready to tell who her clients are.

And I don’t blame her.  Okay, this woman is basically a pimp.  She’s selling high priced koochie to men with money.  Obviously, if the law is going after her, it’s because she’s making big money because the right type of guys with the right type of money are paying.  If she wants to say who her clients are, why shouldn’t she? Why should she be the only one facing charges, jail time, fines, or whatever.

If you are selling your ass, someone has to be buying it, and according to the law, that’s illegal on both ends.

See, what I can’t stand is the fact that some senator bought some ass and now he’s scared everyone is going to find out.  That’s what happens when you go to someone like that.  You’re looking for classy butt, you don’t think someone who is going to remember you?  Unless you tell the girl to put a bag over her head or put a bag over your own, I think she is going to remember if you are Mr. Congressmen getting your dick sucked at the Hyatt Regency.

I don’t think she should be the only one who goes down on this.  I think she should very publically, with as much evidence she can provide, put everyone out there. Let them sit in the hot seat for awhile, answer annoying questions from reporters, and listen to the outraged outcry of the citizens.  If she is making all the money the prosecutors are saying she’s made, then her clients ain’t some junkie.  She could probably use those names as a bargaining point.  If she has the right type of evidence, like pictures or video tapes or something that is solid, she could say, “Hey, I’m going to tell everything.”  Don’t do it in a blackmail sort of way, but I bet if one of these very public senators or lawyers or whatever doesn’t want his business put out there like that, DC Madame just might skate.

Sex sells.  It happens to be illegal but that is not stopping anyone from selling or buying.


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