Bizarre Dream #1

I am always having some strange dreams.  I think I should go to a dream interpretor to see what they mean.  Because the meaning of this dream escapes me.

Anyway, in my dream it is me, Shanny, and Renaldo.  I think Shanny is in the dream because she was the last person I talked to before I went to sleep.  I don’t know where Renaldo comes in, but he was there.  Anyway, we were travelling through a school, like an old-fashioned school.  We would come up to doors that were locked and we had to break our way in.  Once we got into the classroom we would sit down and talk.  I don’t remember what we were talking about but whatever it was, the discussion always got heated because Shanny would start cussing at us and Renaldo would get mad.  We would get up and leave for another classroom and Shanny would have to follow us. 

Eventually we get to another classroom and have a seat, but Shanny decides to take her clothes off.  She is sitting there butt-nekkid and then these two old white men come in the classroom.  Instead of putting her clothes back on, Shanny lays on the floor under the desks.  Renaldo kept telling her to put her clothes on but she wouldn’t.  The white guys give us some papers.  I guess it’s a test and we start filling it out, but they are trying to get to Shanny but she is crawling around underneath the desk.  So we had to leave that classroom.   It was a pattern.  Every class we went to, Shanny took her clothes off, the white men came and we had to take a test.

What the hell does this mean?


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