Inventive Way to Save Money

Okay, instead of going to gas station to fill up my car, I am going to go to the bank, withdraw a large sum of money and then shove it into my gas tank.  Then I’m going to pour water into the tank to fill up the rest.

I figure I’d be saving money this way because it seems like every time I go to the gas station and fill up, 30 minutes later I’m back filling my car up again.  I figure the car actually wants money, not gas to run, and I think that dollar bills will probably burn slower.  Since the grade of gas seems so cheap, like water, I don’t even think my car will notice the difference.

I have done everything I can think of to conserve gas:  driving only when necessary, doing all my errands in one shot instead of going to the store, coming home, going to the mall, coming back home, going to whatever and going back out.  I even drive more moderately.  The faster you drive the more gas you burn.  And since I’ve been so poor these days,  I haven’t even done my usual shopping and clubbing in foreign cities, so I don’t understand why I’m at the gas station every two hours.

I think my plan will work.  I will let you all know


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