My Birthday Wishlist

Okay. My birthday is May 15! Please be nice and give me something sweet!

This is my birthday wish list.

A gift card to BEST BUY: I would like to buy a new car stereo, like the kind that I can hook my iPod too. So, if you can only afford to get a $5.00 card, that’s okay. I’ll appreciate every penny!

A gift card to HOME DEPOT: I want a mini-fridge, and since nobody is trying to kick out a $100 to buy one from me, you can just give me a small donation. I would really appreciate it. One of my roommates is drinking up my orange juice. I drink the good shit, you know the kind with the added glucosamine, or however you spell it. So if I had my own mini-fridge, I could keep an eye on my juice.

A gift card to WAL-MART: I spend so much money in this place, I should own stock. I really want to get a bunch of movies, since someone stole a few of my movies and someone else won’t return the ones they borrowed back. My movie supply has been depleted. I don’t have cable so all I can do is watch movies!

A SNOW-GLOBE: I collect these things. They are so cute. I like shaking them up and watching the snow fall. I get so amused by the most trivial things.

Other things I’d like:

One of those things I could put my iPod in and it attaches to my arm so I can run without holding my iPod in my hand.

Yankee Candles, anything that smells like coffee, chocolate, or cake

Movie tickets

A pretty birthday card

Somebody to wish me “happy birthday”


Gold bars

Stocks and bonds

A Mercedes CLS in hot pink

Okay, those last few items I was hallucinating, unless of course you’re actually going to get them for me, in which case I was just kidding about the hallucinating part.


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