Beginning of the End

When I get like this, that means it’s time to throw in the towel.  When you wake up and you’d rather suffocate yourself with the pillow instead of getting out of bed, it might just be time for something different.

When you start making up random wild stories just to get out of things.  You should have heard the story I told today.  It was outrageous and the lie just kept getting bigger and bigger and more outrageous.  I’m sure she was looking at me like, “Yeah… and how did this all happen?”  I don’t even care.  She knew I was lying and I was like, “So, uhm, I’ll see you later.  These things happen.  Sorry.”

I’m going to do something drastic.  It isn’t safe, so kids don’t try this at home.  I’ve thought about it, and thought about it.  I’ve talked to my dad about it.  I consult him for everything, and he even agreed that while psychotic, it just might work.

Anyway, this drastic action may result in my having to sacrifice something.  I had stopped being interested anyway, but I had already committed myself.  If I take evasive manoeuvre than I’ll just have to do without. 

I’ve been living like a peasant the past few months anyway.  What’s a few more weeks in penury?

*le sigh*

My life is an abortion.


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