Myrtle Beach: A Drama in Five Parts, Part II

Part II, The Ride Down

So I got my ass out of bed at 4 in the morning, called Shannon who was already wake, bright eyed and bushy-tailed. I was like, damn. I was expecting to have to be calling and calling to wake people up. You know how it is, when you say you are leaving at a certain time, you really leave like three hours later. Even Tykeisha was already up. I was the only one dragging.

We meet at the airport, drop my car off, and ride out.

The ride seemed so fast. We left so early in the morning that we easily got through DC in no time, but because we weren’t paying attention we somehow wound up back on the road to Maryland. Don’t ask me how. The next thing I know, I just see this sign “Welcome to Maryland.” Of course, we figured it out and blew through Virginia like nothing.

By the time we got to North Carolina, I think Shandra and Nem were still somewhere in DC. I’m not sure. When we called them first they were waiting on Adrienne and then Ayanna who had the truck. They got stuck in that horrid DC traffic, so they were a little while behind us. We weren’t even in North Carolina ten minutes before we started seeing mad trucks hauling bikes. We were seeing license plates from Massachusetts, Connecticut, even Michigan. Since I have never been to Bike Week before, I was wondering if it was really that serious that people are driving all the way across the United States of America to ride around near the beach. But I guess it is. You could just look into cars and tell if the people were headed to bike week. We were being fresh, looking into niggas cars, saying whassup because we knew we might see them again. One guy even tried to get Shannon to get out of the car so he could see what she looked like. Yeah, right. We’re driving down I-95!

We had a little bit of traffic coming out of North Carolina, but it was easy once we got to South Carolina, but only up until we got closer and closer to Myrtle Beach. The traffic was ridiculous. Shandra and Nem was calling us talking about they were eating Mexican food and we were seeing niggas riding one-handed, pop-a-wheelie down the road. That shit was crazy!

The hotel Shannon picked out was nice. I liked the location because it seemed it was like where all the action was. The girl behind the counter said, “You have a side view,” but at the time nobody knew what she was talking about until we got into the room and on the balcony. Yeah, we had a view of the ocean, but you had to turn your head to the side to see it, hence SIDE VIEW. After we dropped all our shit off, we headed out to the grocery store.

Straight up, we were broke. I didn’t have enough money to pay for gas to get back home and eat out every single morning, noon and night. It just wasn’t going to happen. There was no shame in my buying packs of Ramen Noodles to survive. We hit up the liquor store, even though I said I wasn’t going to drink. After all that was settled, Shannon made a big ass pot of spaghetti and we went outside to see what was up.


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