Myrtle Beach: A Drama in Five Parts, Part V

Part V

The Conclusion

The rest of the trip was pretty much uneventful, just more of the same.  Hanging out on the strip, going crazy in the room.  We went to the club one night.  I didn’t enjoy the club too much because it was too crowded and I thought the DJ was wack.  They was in there throwin’ money from the balcony.  It was funny because I think Shannon was too drunk to really know what was going on, she just saw some money fallin’ out the sky and she just ran over there.  “Oh my god, they are throwing money!”  She didn’t get any but it was funny to watch her trying to get some dollars.

Shaquille O’Neal was in the club, way up in the balcony with this gigantic head.  Everyone started going crazy, although I can’t understand why.  Later on, some raggedy ass rap group got up there and rapping to beats from other rappers’ records.  I’m ashamed to admit that they were from Duval County, my home county.  It was a mess. 

I got burned on my head when someone threw a cigarette off the balcony.  I hope I don’t have a bald spot on top my head.

We left the spot and hit the strip.  Did we hit the strip after the club?  I don’t remember.  I did have something to drink, but my buzz was kind of killed once we got into the club. 

The last night we were there supposedly DMX had come to our hotel but we weren’t able to get pictures of him.  Oh well, his glory dog-barking days are over.

On the last day we left early in the morning and stopped at a tourist spot to get some souvenirs and fireworks for Shannon’s baby.


Now that I’ve returned home and had time to look at all 590 pictures and analyze how I feel about the whole situation, I think I did have a good time.  There was a lot of drama but that is to be expected when there are like 15 people in one group.  Nobody is going to want to do the same thing as everyone else.  I have heard some people say they won’t go again in such a large group, but I think I wouldn’t mind it.  For real, I did not go down there with the impression that we were all going to hang out together so when we split up, I wasn’t surprised.  I guess some people didn’t like that.  Ain’t no thang to me.

I never felt left out or whatever some people were talking about. 

We talked about Myrtle again next year but I think we are really going to try and do All-Star Weekend in New Orleans.  Also someone said that Miami is where it’s at these days.  Whatever we decide, it is sure to be a mess, and I will be sure to capture everything on film and write about it in MySpace when I get back.



I am working on uploading all the pictures so be sure to come back so you can see pictures of us, skanky hoebags, bama ass niggas, hot cars, nice bikes, and cellulite booty.


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