Skin Deep

Okay, I am watching this mess on TV about women trying to stay youthful and beautiful.

trying to stay youthful and beautiful.  Okay, honey, your time is over.  Let it go.  Let these young things have their turn. 

They are talking about a woman who spends $1600 a month on her beauty regimine which includes intense exercising, vitamins, massages, spa rituals and injecting herself with the controversial drug HGH which is some synthetic form of something we produce in our bodies when we are young.  According to the FDA, this drug is legal but supposedly it is causing liver problems and some other mess that could kill you.

Is it really that serious?  Why is nobody happy with themselves?  Okay, I wish I was like 20 lbs lighter, but I don’t want a face lift or a tummy tuck or liposuction or Botox or some other mess that will alter my appearance.  Thank God, I’m not horrifically ugly.  Thank God, I can call myself pretty without seeming over inflated.  But even if someone told me I was ugly, I would not run out and get a nose job or my chin chiselled.

These women are crazy.  Now they are talking about another woman who gets $150 laser surgery on her face, $1000 Botox injections and she has had her lips injected with collagen 6 times.  This is sick.  She refuses to say her age on TV but to me she looks a hot mess.  She looks like some old ass woman with plastic and silicon in her face.  Then she caked on a pound of make up and she thinks she looks good.  Ewww.  Who is attracted to this?

Of course, these are all white women.  Don’t get all out of whack, but white wmoen do have self-image issues in a way that black women do not have.  Don’t get me wrong, there are sisters out there that beat themselves up on their images.  Black women get into that “I’m too fat,” “I’m not phat enough,” “my skin is too dark, I’ll just bleach myself…” “my hair is nappy, I’ll just perm it down…” (I don’t believe that black women should perm their hair because it is ‘too nappy’.  But we’ll talk about that another day) .  These are problems that white women don’t deal with.

Women all over the world, no matter the culture, skin tone, whatever, have issues about their bodies.  Okay, I can understand feeling a little fat, so going on a diet and exercise or whatever, but physically altering yourself with surgical tools, injections and other nonsense is over the top.  If you are not happy with what God gave you, you should just kill yourself.  Yeah, that is harsh, but really what you are saying is that you don’t like yourself because you are too fat, your chin is too big, you have crows lines on your face, etc., you don’t like whatever it is about you, you can’t live without chopping on yourself. You’re too ugly to exist.  Just die. 

In my opinion, there have only been a very small amount of people who have looked good AFTER their surgeries and liposuctions.  Most of the time, they look worse than before.  They know it too.  Because they get the surgery, it’s not the results they envisioned, so they keep chopping and cutting and stapling trying to achieve that Barbie doll look and before you know it, it’s just a big ole mess.

Is it a sin to improve on what God gave you?  That is the question.  Can you improve on what God gave you?  God has already created the best and there is nothing out there that some plastic surgeon can do for you that will look better than what God gave you.  So you should just go sit down somewhere.

I think it is.  You know the Bible frowns upon piercings and tattoos (I have several of each) but I think God is really pissed with people who are going under the knife trying to create what they think is beautiful. 

Now there is a woman on here named Cindy.  She cut herself to look like Barbie.  Seriously.  I’m not making this up.  I’m watching this shit on TV right now.  She said she knows there was a lot of pain involved with all the surgeries she had, but it’s “nothing compared to the pain and suffering” she suffered as a “plain, boring nobody.”

Okay, now that you look like a Mattel reject you’re having the time of your life?  No, bitch.  This chick is really ugly.  I don’t like to say people are ugly because at any moment God can strike me down and I’ll be ugly too, but she did all this surgery to her face and she looks a wreck.  She looks like a whack ass Michael Jackson on crack after he had all his surgeries.  Her before pictures, what she looked like before all this mess was just kind of dry.  She was boring looking, but she could have cut that raggedy ass hair, coloured it, flipped it or whatever, lost some weight and gained a little PERSONALITY and I think she would have been all right with life. 

She said her life was boring before because she was ugly.  Okay, you told yourself and the world that you are ugly and so everyone treated you like that.  People treat you like you treat yourself.  If you don’t respect yourself, nobody else will respect you.  So getting up in the mirror and saying, “I am so ugly” is self-defeatist.  You should just tell all your friends to say, “Hey Ugly!” that way you can know it’s true.  Once again, kill yourself.

Her name is Cindy Jackson.  Go to her website.  I’m watching this mess on 20/20 right now.

Now they are talking about women who get their toes cut to fit into those pointy toed pumps.

Are you serious?  Are you really serious?  This is not 12th century China.

If you have TiVo or something like that and you are a woman and you are unhappy with yourself in some way, I want you to watch this. 

If you think you are too fat, too tall, too short, too this, too that, just stop it.  Don’t do it to yourself.  There is nothing wrong with you. 

You could look like one of these fucked up ass white women who went under the knife multiple times trying to hang on to their way-deadyouth.  Enjoy your young years while you can and when it’s your time to get old, bow out gracefully and just be one of those sexy older mamas who can still get it.

Love yourself.  If you don’t, no one else will.


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