The Omen

I wrote about the recurring dreams I was having.  Everyone is saying it’s a sign.

So how about I saw something the other day that totally makes me believe I should say something.  I was driving down 395 and there was a lady on the side of the road with her car.  She went around to the driver’s side and turned around and she looked DEAD AT ME.  I swear to the highest heaven I thought she was This Person’s mother.  You know how when you recognise someone and they recognise you.  You look at each other and you’re like, “Hey, I know you!” 

I was in dead-locked traffick with my window rolled down so she could have spoken to me if she wanted. I could have done the same thing but when I saw her I was just really shocked and then I started driving again and the moment passed.

It was just too weird for words.

What does all this mean!!


Speak your mind:

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