I read this article on  I be on that shit all day when I am at work and trying to goof off. 

Anyway, the article is about boyfriends/girlfriends who spy on their own lovers and try to see what they are up to. 

How many of you date someone that has a myspace page?  How many of you frequently check the page to see what they are doing?  See what kinds of boys/girls be on their page, chattin’ them up, writing skanky little messages that you don’t understand.

I think it’s funny.  I do have a friend that has a myspace page, but I admit that I RARELY go to his page.  Mainly, because it’s boring and poorly organised.  Dark writing on a dark background.  Secondly, why would I be jealous of some myspace hoe? 

I think it’s pretty lame that you have to check up on your friend by spying on his myspace page.  I have even heard of couples getting mad because they weren’t listed as number one on their Top Friends.  Okay, is that gay?  Yes.  What grade are we in? 

I guess it seems kind of silly because we are all grown and we are on myspace, but if that’s what we want to do then that’s what we want to do, but it’s not that serious to be logging into your friend’s page every three seconds to see what he is doing.  If you are that insecure, you should just dump his ass and stop going crazy over whatever myspace hoe is sending him comments that don’t mean anything.  Or better yet, he should dump your ass because you are a scary, paranoid psycho who can’t give the man two inches of breathing space. 

If you are the type to be scanning his Facebook, MySpace, whatever, then you are probably the type that goes through his phone or is all up in his face every three seconds trying to figure something out.  In which case, there is something wrong with YOU. 

Seek help immediately.


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