Movie Review: The Invasion

I watch a lot of movies.  A lot.  I buy movies like they are going out of style.  I go to the movies and watch 2 or 3 movies in one sitting.  I go to the dollar movie and watch movies I’ve already seen at the regular screen.  I guess I’m a movie fanatic.

I used to do movie reviews, but I just watch too many to be bothered about writing what I think about a particular movie, and anyway, I don’t think anybody gives two shits what I think. 

I have seen every major film this summer, and a lot of the smaller movies.  I do like the big blockblusters, but I’m into foreign and independent films because sometimes they really do be the best movies out.

I have a new favourite movie, Stardust.  It’s just so adorable, and I love it.  I like fantasy movies and anything that is just romantic and far-fetched.  Not like a gay romantic comedy, but something that just lifts the heart.  Isn’t that gay?  Yeah, I know, but I liked it anyway.

I just came from seeing The Invasion with Nicole Kidman and Craig Daniel, Daniel Craig, whatever.  007.  First of all, I am a scary ass hoe.  I’m real sensitive.  I get nightmares if I watch anything that is too graphic.  I know, that’s crazy, coming from someone who talks as much shit as I do.  But there, you know my weakness.

Anyway, that movie had me biting my nails off.  It wasn’t a particularly good movie, per se.  It was interesting and entertaining, and now I can’t sleep, which I suppose is a good idea since the whole premise of the movie was not to fall asleep or the body snatchers would get you.


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