Daily News September 4

Why am I not surprised?

Hurricane Felix made landfall early this morning on the Nicaraguan/Honduran coast as a category 5 storm, meaning the winds are greater than 155 mph.

One-hundred fifty five miles per hour.

For those of you who have never been in a hurricane before, you know it doesn’t take a storm chaser to realise that it’s probably not something you want to experience, unless you are a complete pyscho.

This is going to be just like Hurricane Katrina, except not in America.  The government knew the storm was coming.  The people were too poor to evacuate, and yet the government doesn’t do anything about it.

This is pretty much the same area that got hit by a storm called Hurricane Mitch back in 1998 which killed 10,000 people.

10,000 people.  If you really think about it, that’s everyone you know, everyone they know, and everyone THEY know plus all the neighbours. 

In today’s modern age, there should be no reason at all why 10,000 people should die over a weather-related incident.  Hurricane forecasters are actually quite good at what they do.  They can predict within a 50-mile range where a storm is going to make landfall, even when the storm is days away.  Even on top of that, if you are head of government, state, local, or federal, you will know if a storm is going to affect your area even if you don’t know the precise location.  They do that cone of probability that they update every 5 hours, as the days go on, they get more and more accurate about the track of the storm. 

So the problem in Nicaragua is that the area where the storm went is full of extremely poor people who are worried about the few possessions they have.  A lot of the people live in places that are reachable only by boat.  Government officials said they couldn’t evacuate the people because there wasn’t enough fuel.

Okay, there wasn’t enough fuel?  When did you start trying to get some fuel to get the people out?  Two hours ago?  See, if you prepare for things in advance, tragic things don’t happen.  Last week when the storm was coming, you should have been thinking, “I might need to get some fuel to see about getting these people out.” 

Then they said they were only going to open the shelters AFTER the storm.  How does that help?  If you know your house is not going to make it through a major storm, you would like someplace to go, right?  Sorry, you have to wait until the storm passes.  If you survive, you can come to the shelter.

From what I understand, the area is very mountainous and a bad rainstorm can produce devestating mudslides.  I’m not like a meteorological expert or whatever, but 155 mile an hour winds and heavy rains is probably like going to cause all kinds of craziness.  Don’t these people think about what MIGHT happen?  You know, like planning for worst case scenario or whatever.

All the American tourists and workers stationed there were airlifted out, but the Nicaraguans were left there to die.  Their own government didn’t do anything.  “We told them to go,” said one of the officials, but it’s just like Hurricane Katrina victims.  They are poor.  They don’t have anywhere to go.  They are afraid for the few things they have in the world.  The government should have done more, and there’s no excuse because this has happened before.

People who are in charge of things make dumb decisions, and they keep making the same dumb decisions.  Hurricane Katrina was a disaster for the United States, the most powerful nation in the world.  What do you think it is going to be like for Nicaragua and Honduras?  They don’t even have half of what we have, so it’s just going to be complete destruction.

They didn’t learn from the last storm that went through there that killed 10,000 people; they didn’t pay attention to what happened in the United States, and now the same shit is about to happen again.

It’s just stupid.


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