Daily News September 6

Salt in the First Degree

So, some woman who worked at McDonald’s was thrown in jail for putting too much salt in a police officer’s Big Mac.  Apparently, she was new and in a hurry and accidentally put too much salt on the burger.  When the cop ate it, he was pissed and arrested her.  I forget the exact charge, I think it’s reckless endangerment. 

I’m not really sure how too much salt is reckless endangerment.  I am aware that too much salt in your diet is hazardous to your health, but I don’t of any cases where a person dropped dead after eating ONE salty burger.

The thing is, this is so stupid.  She hasn’t gone to trail over this yet, so prosecution has the burden of proof on whether she did this deliberately or not.  She says she didn’t, but sometimes you don’t know with McDonald’s people, or anyone in the service industry.  I know when I worked at the Hilton, when people would give me a hard time, I would purposely send them freezing cold French fries or shake up their bottled sodas so they would explode on them when they opened it.  I never did anything to anybody’s food because it’s gross, but I did use to give them inferior service.

But even on top of all that, he is really arresting her over this?  Why didn’t he just lock up everyone in McDonald’s?  All of their food is reckless endangerment.  How much salt is too much salt?  That is the question.

Lawnmower Man

Yeah, so a man drove all the way from Alaska to Connecticut on a lawnmower.  One of those types that you like ride on or whatever.  His license is revoked and he was trying to get back to his wife who lives in Connecticut.  He said it took him more than  a year to do it since the lawnmower’s max speed is about 6 miles an hour.

People threw food at him and gave him dirty looks.


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