Yoga, Harry Potter and Christianity: Cuz They Go Together

A new edict has been issued for Christians:  You are no longer allowed to practise yoga.

I don’t know if any of my Christian readers practise yoga, but I thought you might want to know.  I don’t want you to go to hell or anything.

That’s the new debate on CNN today.  Some pastors, preachers, ministers, priests, whatever, think that yoga is bad for Christians because it takes your mind off Jesus.  One Christian minister said, “Contorting yourself into these weird physical positions to fill your mind with nothing, instead of thinking about Jesus is anti-Christians.”

I’m not here to debate on whether yoga is bad for you as a Christian or not.  What you do with your personal time is your own business.  Whatever you believe in, is whatever you believe in, and I don’t have anything to do with that, but let’s really look at this.

So you mean to tell me that in order to be a Christian, every single thought of every single day must be filled with Jesus?  That makes 99% of Christians something else then.  We are all mindful of Jesus, but unless you are a monk, who is really thinking about their faith every second of the day.  When you wake up in the morning you think, “Thank you Lord for waking me up.”  Your next thought is, “I’m late for work.”  You are not thinking about Jesus. You’re going to hell.

All right that’s far-fetched.  My point is why do religious leaders think that all of their practitioners are so weak that they will be swayed out of their belief in God?  Is yoga really that powerful that I will suddenly lose my faith in God and become… I don’t know, whatever it is yoga people are supposed to believe in? 

I practise yoga.  Have been doing so for a little while now.  I started doing it to be more flexible and as an alternative method to becoming stronger without lifting weights like a meat-head.  I discovered other benefits, like my back doesn’t hurt, I don’t get tense calves after running any more, and just other stuff.  Practising yoga didn’t make me have any less faith in God.  I don’t think I’m that weak to be swayed into something else.

This woman I work with doesn’t read Harry Potter books because she thinks it’s witchcraft.  That’s fine, that’s her opinion.  Even if it is witchcraft or whatever, is she suddenly going to stop being a Christian and start practising witchcraft because she watched a Harry Potter movie?  She said she saw the previews and “it looks cute, but won’t go see one because it’s full of witches.”  That sounds so dumb to me, but if that is the decision she’s made for her life, that’s fine.  I guess if she feels like her faith in God is not strong enough to withstand a movie about “witches,” she should protect herself at all costs. 

I hope that she doesn’t watch horror movies with axe murderers and demons from hell.  She might lose faith in Jesus and become a serial killer.

I have heard of Muslims not allowing their kids to watch cartoons or play with Yugi-Oh cards because they are affiliated with the devil.  Where do they come up with stuff?  How do they know Yugi-Oh is a devil-worshipper?  He doesn’t come out and say it on his little cartoon.  So who told them that Yugi-Oh is a devil-worshipper and if they let their kids watch it, they’ll be devil-worshippers too?

My point in writing all of this is that I think people who believe in God, believe for a reason.  Most people I know who do believe in God have a strong faith and they are not easily persuaded into something else.  I don’t know very many Christians who said, “I am not a Christian anymore.”  The few that I do know, they didn’t decide they weren’t Christians after watching Harry Potter or practising yoga.  People are strong in what they believe in and they won’t let something silly as yoga lead them to temptation.

Religious leaders should have a little more faith in their followers.  If religious leaders were doing their job right, preaching and proselytizing as the good Lord wants them to do, they wouldn’t have to worry that they are losing Christians to yoga.  If they really wanted to worry about something taking away their Christian followers, why don’t they focus on the ones that hang out on street corners Saturday night, the ones that beat their wives, do drugs, drink alcohol, abuse their kids, lie, cheat and steal.  Those activities are far more dangerous than watching Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone.


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