You Have Been MySpaced

So, I heard ya’ll was talkin’ about me and my pictures!  Supposedly everyone is upset because I take the pictures and put them on myspace and you think your picture is not a good picture.  You said, “Why does she put the worst picture of me on the internet for everyone to see?”

Let me explain something to you.  First of all, I don’t ‘preciate you talking about me behind my back, but that is neithere here nor there.

Secondly, I love to take pictures.  I already explained before my  purpose for snapping like the paparazzi.  I like to remember things as they were, as they happened and the best way to do that is to take pictures.  I have been a lot of places, seen a lot of things, but I never took any pictures and now I can never get that back except for in my memory and I can’t share it with anyone.  I hardly have any pictures from Okinawa.  I don’t have any pictures from when I lived in California.  I went on vacations to different places and never took any pictures.  Now, I’m making up for loss time. 

You know me, I am so random, I might pack up and move to Canada.  I want to be able to look back on all the ood times I had in Baltimore.  So if that includes your picture, you will just have to deal.

Now, having said that, let’s talk about the quality of the picture.  I am not a professional photographer, I just point and click.  It is up to YOU to take a good picture.  If you know the press is going to be there, you need to look good, have your smile ready and pose, pose, pose! 

I choose the pictures that are cute, good-looking, look like they are having fun or an interesting moment that happened.  I do NOT put up ugly pictures.  I don’t know any ugly people and ugly people are not allowed on my page anyway.  If you think your picture is ugly that’s something internal that you need to work out for yourself.

Remember that a picture is just one moment in time.  It is REALLY you.  It hasn’t been doctored.  YOU look like that.  I am sure that people have pictures of me that aren’t the best, but all my pictures are cute.  I am not embarrassed by any of my pictures because I really did look like that for that one second in time.  I have pictures where I am fat, making a bad face, or doing something done.  There’s nothing I can do about it except lose some weight, smile or just stand there. 

People say stuff like,

“I look fat in that picture.”  No, you look fat all the time.  Either lose weight or stop coming out in public.

“I look ugly in that picture.”  Stop being so frowned up and smile more often, then you will always look nice.

“Why is my face like that?”  When you try to hide from the camera it makes you look worse.  Just smile and you will take a nice picture.

See, it’s so simple.  Anyway, I have gone on longer than I need to on the subject. 

I do respect a person’s right to privacy.  If you don’t want your picture up, then I won’t put it up.  But I ask that you don’t pose in front of my camera.  Don’t jump your ass in a group picture if you are going to complain about someone seeing you on MySpace.  Don’t put your arm around some girl if you don’t want your girlfriend to see it because you told her that you was at the library and really your ass was down at the club.  Don’t involve me in the lies that you told your boyfriend about where you were or what you were doing.

But if you don’t want your picture up because “it is ugly” or some other nonsense, no, that’s not a valid reason.  You are not ugly.  You don’t look fat.  It’s a good picture and people like to see people having fun.  It makes people smile and remember what was happening at the time.  People like that.  Nobody wants pictures of people just standing there smiling like a retard.  Live a little.

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