Daily News September 20

Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Blind

Four friends went out to the desert for some recreation on their ATVs. One of the friends was considered legally blind and did not possess a license after 2001 after his eyesight deteriorated to a point where he could barely see.

All of the friends had been drinking and the blind man asked his friends if he could ride. Immediately, they agreed and helped him onto the ATV. They warned him to drive straight and go slow. Instead, the man slammed down on the gas, took off at a break neck speed. His friends were yelling at him to stop, but the blind man crashed into a tree, was thrown from the ATV, struck another tree and died immediately.

What’s Really Going On Here
What kind of friends would let their blind friend get on an ATV and ride through the desert, even if they did tell him to go slow? What the hell? Now their friend is dead. I know the blind man made the decision to get on the ATV but his friends should have talked some sense into him. “You know, man, you’re blind. You can’t see. Probably not a good idea to drive anywhere.”

They admitted they had all been drinking, but still, I guess I am amazed that alcohol fucks you up to the point where you make a completely fucked up decision: letting a BLIND man drive somewhere.


Excuse Me, Officer, I’m Looking For My Drugs
Leroy Carr deserves the Genius Award. Apparently, after crossing the Canadian border into the United States, he misplaced 68 pounds of cocaine. Worried that the people he worked for would think he stole it, Carr called up the feds and asked if they had found it and seized it.

You know how big time drug dealers can be. If they think you stole their shit, it could be bad news for you. Apparently he already told them he had lost the stash and they were after him, so Carr went to the authorities to see if they knew anything about it.

In all actuality, the Feds had not found the drugs; a Boy Scout found the drugs about 2 weeks later and turned it in. I guess it is pointless to say that Leroy Carr has been arrested on drug charges with intent to distribute.


Ride the SLUT!
People living in South Lake Union near Seattle have been dying for a trolley and finally they got one. When they finished building the tracks and all that good stuff, officials decided to call it the South Lake Union Trolley– until they realised the acronym: SLUT.

Most people weren’t really offended by the acronym because they knows what it stands for, but you know there will always be some uptight asshole crying about how inappropriate it is to see the word SLUT painted on billboards and across trolley doors. You know how people are about their kids, even though their children are saying worse things when the parents aren’t around.

At any rate, the name has been redone to South Lake Union Streetcar.

Somehow, ride the SLUS is not at fun as wearing a t-shirt that says Ride the SLUT.


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