Daily News September 21

Cops Gone Wild

I was never a big fan of police officers, and in the past few weeks, there have been several incidents of police officers allegedly getting out of control. I have never really been in trouble with the law, and sometimes I don’t buy into the “cops are out to get me” mentally a lot of people, especially black people have. Now, I think I am about to change my mind.

Everyone has heard about the student getting tasered at the Kerry event at FSU. He was a student trying to ask a question about John Kerry’s past and was tasered by four police officers, then arrested for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. It is unclear whether student was trying to be funny about the questions he was asking, or what. Who even knows, but do you really need FOUR police officers to arrest a student, in addition to the tasers?

Then there’s the incident about the police officer who taunted a man he was suspicious. A man was sitting in a commuter’s parking lot waiting for a friend when the police officer approached him. The man kept a dash cam because he had had run ins with police before and he didn’t trust them. The man appeared to be cooperating with the police officer, answering his questions without getting an attitude and for some crazy reason the cop just started wigging out on him. “Do you want to go to jail tonight? I could put you in jail for nine different things I could make up. Do you want to try me?” The cop was yelling at him, using profanity. The man put the tape on YouTube and you know what happens from there. The cop has been fired.

Now there’s an incident about a handcuffed woman being tasered repeatedly by cops. She was trying to resist arrest, or so it seems in the video, but once she is sitting in the backseat of the cruiser, they continue to shock her. At one point she is down on the ground and cop kind of kicks her, not hard, but in a way to shove her over and they are standing there laughing at her.

I think this shit is getting out of control. The funny thing is, all of these people are white. You know, when you hear about police brutality, it is always black people that are the victims, at least that is what the media wants you to think. A white student, a white office workers, and a white woman. If the police are getting stupid on them, what is the state of the world?

Cops overstep their boundaries time and time again, to the point where you can’t even trust them. You don’t want them to help you because they will probably do more harm than good. I think that is why so many people take the law into their own hands.


Woman Wears Fake Bomb to Airport
Star Simpson, 19, is a student at MIT. She went to Logan International to inquire about the arrival of a friend on an incoming flight. This by itself is not so strange at all, except for the fact that she was wearing a circuit board with some wires hanging off it, attached to a battery so the whole thing could light up. In her hand was some Play-Doh.

Naturally, the person behind the counter notified the proper authorities. Bomb squad, police, and other officials arrived on the scene. After an investigation they discovered the bomb to be fake, but naturally, she was arrested anyway for disturbing the peace and possession of a hoax device.

Simpson said it wasn’t a bomb, or even a pretend bomb, but a piece of art and she likes to display her art. When they asked her what the Play-Doh was for, she couldn’t really answer the question.

What’s Really Good?
As I mentioned before she is a student at MIT. Do you know how intelligent you have to be to get accepted to that school? It’s not for dummies, so I’m going to assume that Star Simpson is a person with a lot of book smarts and not a whole lot of common sense.

In this day and age of 9/11, Al-Qaeda tapes, Osama bin Laden, and anthrax, you don’t just walk up into an airport with a fake bomb, or a piece of art that looks like a fake bomb. Since I used to work for TSA, I know all the things they look for when you put your bags into the X-Ray machine, I also know what they look for when they are just looking at you, when you get in the line. I don’t like getting my bags searched and I don’t like being hassled, so I come in there with flat clothes on, no weird objects, I don’t even bring batteries. I’ll buy some when I get there. It’s just too crazy these days, and I don’t want anyone even thinking I’m a terrorist.

What is wrong with this genius? A piece of art? I don’t even know what to say about that. This bitch is lucky they didn’t open fire on her ass. Shoot now, ask questions later. If it look like a bomb, beep like a bomb, got bright lights like a bomb, it’s a bomb. Wires, batteries, circuit board, some other shit. Shoot that ass and we’ll figure it out later on.

And then on top of that, Logan International is one of the 9/11 airports, meaning, one of the airports the hijackers used to get on the planes. You know they are going to be extra pumped about this. I am going to guess that Star Simpson is either A. on drugs, B. crazy, C. in it for the 15 minutes in the spotlight, in which case she is going about things in the wrong way.

I haven’t seen a picture of her yet, please, God, don’t let her be black.


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