Daily News October 2

Man Buys Grill Finds Leg: An Update
I previously wrote about a man who bought a grill smoker at an auction and when he got home he found an amputated leg wrapped in paper inside the smoker. The called the owner and the woman told him it was her son’s leg and that he had had an accident and had to have the leg cut off.

Since then, the man gave the leg to the police, who, after determining the leg was not involved in any foul play, turned it over to a funeral home. The original owner of the leg said he is going to recover his leg because he wanted it so when he died he could be buried as a whole man.

Now, here’s the update part. The man who bought the smoker wants to get the leg back so he can charge people to look at the leg for Hallowe’en. He said, “If I can get a stake in the leg I could make big money.” The amputee was like, “That’s sick.” He does not want to make money off something tragic that had happened to him.

The man who bought the smoker in the first place has some issues. How is he going to take some amputee’s leg and then sell tickets for people to come look at it. On top of that, what kind of person is going to be like, “I want to look at the leg!”

He is just wrong for that and I feel sorry for the man who got his leg cut off and now has to go through some legal battle just to get his leg back. I’m not a lawyer or anything, but it seems like since it is a body part, he has every right to it. You can’t sell body parts legally, I don’t think. I guess it is more complicated than it seems, but if the first man had any decency at all he would leave the amputee alone and go find someone else who doesn’t mind showing their cut off body parts for money.

Lawnmower Chase
A man in West Virginia was arrested yesterday after giving cops a “high speed” chase on a riding lawnmower. The man was riding down the street on a riding lawnmower, apparently drunk when police asked him to pull over. The man refused and sped off.

Instead of chasing the man in the police cruiser, the cop got out and ran after him easily catching up to him in a short time. Once again the cop told the man to stop but he refused so the cop pulled him off the lawnmower.

They tried to give him a field sobriety test but he refused, but police did find a 6-pack strapped to the front of the lawnmower. The man has obviously been arrested on DUI charges and obstruction.

Case of the Thieving Minister
In Portland, a couple was slightly perturbed to find out that their guests had barely left them any wedding gifts. Instead of asking for gifts, per se, they had asked for Home Depot gift cards so they could renovate their new house together. After the wedding, the couple only found 4 gift cards in the basket.

Not wanting to appear rude, they never said anything, feeling a little hurt that their friends didn’t give them a wedding present. A month after the wedding, the friends started asking what the new kitchen looked like and what they were going to buy with the cards and the couple soon realised that their friends did give them the gift cards as asked and that someone had actually stolen them.

Turns out that the minister, the woman that married them was the person who stole the cards. The couple decided it had to be her because she was the only person in the house during the wedding event, since it was an outdoor wedding. They had originally asked their close friend to marry them but the friend’s license was not up to date, so to be safe they asked this other person to marry them. The couple thought she had seemed nice, but when they called the police the woman claimed she had no idea what happened.

After getting surveillance tapes they did see that the woman was buying things with the cards and they even traced some of the cards back to her.

She is a minister and she stole from the couple she married? That is sad. A minister is supposed to be a person of God. I think you get extra time in hell for doing something like that, and this whole time the couple thought their friends were cheap and they were too embarassed to say anything.

The minister is an idiot because once she realised she was caught, she should have just said, “Yeah, I stole it,” but instead she tried to continue the lie even though she knew they would probably trace all that stuff back to her. It is the computer age, honey! Everything is in a file somewhere, on tape, on camera. They have ways of finding out stuff, so why would you lie about something so petty?

But then again, if she is petty enough to steal out someone’s wedding gift basket, she probably don’t even know the definition of petty.


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