Daily News October 6

Saturday, October 06, 2007


9:38 AM – In the News 37

Nano, Nano Pants on Fire
Yesterday, a man’s iPod Nano set his pants on fire. He said the iPod was in his pocket along with a shiny piece of metallic paper. He smelled something burning and looked down to see his shirt and pants were on fire.

He was able to put the fire out, and then he realised that it had started with his iPod. The iPod is use operated by a lithium ion battery, which is also the same type of battery that was causing fires in laptops.

Apple has not responded to this incident, except to say that they will replace the man’s iPod Nano. Incidentally, this is the new Nano.

Smashing Theft of a Lexus
Some drunk idiot in Phoenix broke into a car dealership and stole a $90,000 Lexus. This is really, in itself, not that interesting, except for the fact that he didn’t steal the Lexus from the lot, but instead took one from out of the showroom.

Now, you know, they have those big gigantic doors so they can get the cars into the showroom, but this genius decides to actally smash through the plate glass and squeeze between two other new cars on his way to the street.

He was so drunk that he blacked out several times during the incident. Even on top of that, don’t you think that car dealerships have surveillance cameras? Okay, they sell Lexus and those cars can be expensive. Naturally they need to have all security for insurance purposes. But then, this guy was so drunk and you know what happens when you get trashed.

Not the Daddy! Not the Mama Either!
A couple in the Czech Republic were getting tired of their friends making jokes about the paternity of their new born baby. Both parents had black hair and the baby was blonde. People were cracking jokes that the mother was messing around and it wasn’t the father’s baby.

The wife insisted that it was his baby, but just to put all the gossip to rest, they decided to get a paternity test. It turns out that the father is NOT the father of the baby, and the woman ain’t the mother either. So, now they are trying to figure out whose baby it is, and if there was a mixup at the hospital.


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