Daily News October 9

Heat Packing Teacher
A teacher in Oregon wants permission to bring her gun to school. She has a concealed weapons permit issued by the state, but currently the school district bans weapons on campus.

The teacher says her ex-husband has tried to threaten her so she needs protection from him, and also from the potentional of out-of-control students. The teacher said her husband grabbed her by the throat once and has made threats against her life.

“It’s my right as a citizen,” she says. “The right to bear arms.” Almost everyone thinks it’s not a good idea for her to bring a gun on campus, but she argues that the policy of don’t look the shooter in the eye and do what they say attitude as a way to deter Columbine style shootings just won’t cut it anymore.

The ex-husband claims that she is making up lies so she can get custody of their child and that he never tried to attack her or anything like that. He has called the school to let the principal know that he has no intention of coming up there to see her or to threaten her.

I just think this is a bad idea. If weapons aren’t allowed at school, and they have way to make sure of this, i.e. metal detectors and such, then she shouldn’t try to press the issue. If she wins her case, who is to say that other teachers, administrators or staff won’t decide to bring their guns to school. So all the teachers are packing heat and the students are like.. hmm, is my teacher going to shoot me? And then to the crazy student that knows his teacher has a gun, what if he tries to steal it from her and then turns it on himself or other students?

We already know that school shootings are a reality here in the US, so I understand her fear of an attack on the school which has happened before, in 1998. A student shot his parents at home, came to the school and killed 2 others and wounded 25 students.

But even if this were to happen again, is this teacher some vigilante, like Super Teacher, running after the shooter in an attempt to bring him down? Shouldn’t she be more worried about getting her students out? Or is she going to participate in some shoot out? What if she shoots and kills another student? Not so good.

Nice try, boo.

$1 Million!
Why did a Pittsburgh man try to get change for a million dollar bill at a convenience store? This man actually had the audacity to walk up to a cash register, hand the clerk a ONE MILLION DOLLAR BILL and ask for some change.

The clerk was like, “Eh, no.” The man got pissed when the clerk refused. The manager came out and took the fake money, and then the man smashed a credit card reader and started banging the scanner gun on the counter.

He was arrested but had no ID and refused to give his name. The police say the fake money was probably a religious pamphlet handed out by a church in Texas.

Okay, what the fuck? This man has to be mentally ill because what other loser would actually think he could go into a store with a fake ass million dollar bill and try to get some change off that shit? I mean, for real? First of all, registers don’t even have a million dollars in them. At most they have a couple hundred. Standard practise is that every time the register gets to a certain point, the cashiers make a drop so if the place gets robbed the loss isn’t too great.

Who the fuck is keeping a million dollars in the register? At a convenience store?

Then on top of that, everybody knows a million dollar bill is fake. Even if that shit was real, why would you go to a convenience store to get change? How about a bank, who might have a million dollars on tap? This shit is just so funny that I could keep going on for days.

He would have had better luck with a fake $100. The clerk might not have been paying attention or anything. A fake $1,000,000? Let’s be real.

If I were the man, maybe I would have tried it and if it didn’t work, I would have been like, “I was just playin. Unless you really gonna give it to me.” Then I would walk away so I don’t look like a dumbass.

CP Time to the Extreme
Some of us work on what we call CP Time, whatever it is we’re doing don’t start until we get there. Not set times. No deadlines. We just do what we do. Africans in Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) take CP to the next level. These guys really show up whenever they want to, this includes work, parties, events, appointments, anything.

Their tardiness is so bad that it is starting to affect the economy. The President has started this thing called Punctuality Night. If you show up on time to certain events you could win big prizes, including houses. Basically, someone goes around to check if you have arrived on time to whatever and they mark it down. The person who is on time the most gets the prize.

This is just sad. I know that a lot of countries don’t operate the way the U.S. does with regards to being on time, work ethic, things like that. I heard from guys who went to Iraq, that they had trouble setting up meetings with Iraqi police because when they go to meetings, it is considered extremely rude to get down to business. You have to first inquire about family and friends and their health. You have coffee and chat for a little while, at least an hour before you start talking business. And all of this happens whenever the Iraqis decide to get there. In general, a lot of Middle Eastern people don’t have a concept of time like we do.

But to give away houses and shit just for showing up on time? Hell, yeah, I’m about to move to the Ivory Coast. I am usually punctual but if I have to be out that piece mad early just to win a houes, I’ll do it. There is one African man who is so punctual that all his friends call him Mr. White Man’s Time.

That’s just wrong.


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