I Forgot To Add

I forgot to mention this. 

When I was on my class’s website, someone had posted that this guy Thomas Kelly had died.  I tried to look around on the internet to see how he had passed., but I couldn’t find anything. Since he is my age, I’m sure it wasn’t natural causes. 

Anyway, I remember this guy, this Thomas Kelly.  It is in poor taste to speak ill of the dead, but he is the same bastard who drew a swastika in my yearbook and wrote “Aryan Nation.”  I don’t know what happened to this guy, but I do know that God don’t like ugly and what goes around comes around.

We were in economics together and for some strange reason he asked to sign my yearbook.  I barely knew him.  I just remember that he used to goof off with this middle eastern guy, Shukri.  I let him sign it and when I got it back I saw what he had written.  He and Shukri both laughed like it was amazingly funny and I remember thinking how ignorant it was of him to write it, but even more so for Shukri to laugh since he wasn’t exactly the whitest kid on the block.  I think later someone told me he was from Israel.  If this is true, he’s an even bigger moron than previously believed.

Genius, the nazis destroyed your people, or do you too believe that it’s just a story that Jewish people tell their children for shits’n’giggles.

That is the type of shit that makes me so resentful towards Yuma in general.  No one was ever outwardly racist towards me, except for that one incident.  Someone asked me why I never dated in high school.  Other than my parents being ridiculously strict, my school was 75% hispanic, 20% white and 4.99% other.

That’s 4.99% other consisted of black people, Asians, and the odd exchange student.  There were like 2.5 black boys at school, and they didn’t appeal to me.  It’s ignorant for me to date a black person just because he’s black.  If he’s ass ugly or has a shitty personality, his being black isn’t going to overrule his less admirable qualities.

Sooo…. small towns are not as “diverse” as metropolitan areas and little white boys are less inclined to date little black girls.  Why would they do that when they can date Amy Sue Hiller, who is in 4-H and knows how to farm? 

The few white boys that were willing to cross the cultural divide, weren’t cute, and in high school being cute is the most important thing in the world.  So, I didn’t date. 

It didn’t make me sad that I didn’t date in high school, because really when you think about it, what could a high school boy haved offered me?  Not a goddamn thing.  I’m even more mollified when I find that the same boys I used to be “madly in love” with proved to be losers later in life.  I have heard a number of stories about a handful of these guys marrying their precious white girls, only to be divorced years later. 

God works in mysterious ways.  He made these guys purposely not like me so I wouldn’t waste my time.  God knows if one of these guys had actually returned my flirtations, I might have stayed in Yuma in some revolting attempt to stay with him.

God is so good.  He always knows best.


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