Senseless Scribbling of an Idiot #2

Today, after my afternoon siesta, I got my lazy ass up off the couch and decided to go for a walk.  When I go outside, I see that the ice cream man is making his rounds in my neighbourhood.

Now, I don’t know about you guys, being that I spent a lot of time overseas, but most ice cream trucks, they have some gay little song they play to let all the kiddies know that the ice cream is around and ask mommy for some money. 

How ’bout this ice cream man did not have any song playing.  How the fuck you supposed to know the ice cream truck is there?  Telepathy?

Hmmm, I sense the ice cream truck is on the block.

Instead of a song, like Pop Goes the Weasel or Frere Jacques, this truck had an out of tune bell that he could clang every few minutes.



I wish I could describe to you how fucked up this bell sounded.  So, as I walked around the whole neighbourhood, I could hear him clanging up and down the block. 

Not one kid ran out for some ice cream.


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