Midnight’s Hallowe’en and Anniversary Party

I went out to Midnight last night for their Halowe’en and Anniversary party, and I admit that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I declare that I have a new favourite local DJ, and that would be Liebchen.  Her style is more my preference than some of the others I have heard at the various freak nights here in DC.  I can usually dance to most of her set.  I don’t think I did last night, however, because it was so damn crowded. 

At any rate, on to my summarisation and gradual bitch-fest of last night’s events.  So, like I said it was crowded, which is both good and bad in my opinion.  I don’t like crowds, but crowds are good for money and I wondered what would happen with Spellbound practically next door.  I guess there are enough freaks to go around. 

Hallowe’en alway brings mixed feelings for me.  I both hate and love it.  I love it because it’s such a fall holiday, and I like pumpkins, giving candy to snot-nosed brats and most of all, I love costumes.  Now, I almost never really dress up.  I’m a freak; everyday is Hallowe’en for me and I can’t see me shelling out extra money for something I pretty much already have in my closet.  I went to Baskin Robbins before I went to the club and the girl behind the counter gushed, “Oh, I love your costume.”  I was pretty much like, “Oh, well, this isn’t a costume.  I dress like this every day.”

I hate Hallowe’en because of the costumes sometimes.  Hallowe’en gives goth freaks the leave to dress even more atrociously than they already do.  Garbage sluts feel like they have permission to be even skankier because it’s Hallowe’en. 

Let’s talk about some of the costumes I saw last night. 

The good ones in random order: 
1.  the evil king and queen
2.  the zombie TGIF waitress complete with a tray full of body parts and French fries
3. Riddick (and he really, really looked like Vin Diesal too)
4.  Smurfette
5.  The lesbian-looking girl from Scooby Doo (What the fuck is her name?  Thelma?  Something, and that chick looked just like her too.)

The bad ones in random order:
1.  Prostitute penguin (what the fuck is that???? She was basically wearing a thong bikini and painted black… ????)
2.  Weird skanky, I’m not really sure what she is, in TERRIBLE shoes.  (They announced what she was in the costume contest, but I can’t remember.  She had on these terrible shoes though.  God they were hideous.)
3.  The Scream Murderer (I’m so over this, and I hate masks anyway, particularly that one.)
4.  Another weird skanky, I’m not really sure what she is, in a fucked up ass pink wig.  (I only said that because she was obviously quite drunk and kept running into me while she was ass-rubbing with her boyfriend during that song about I hate you but the sex is great… maybe they were trying to tell each other something)

Honourable Mention:
A fairy princess with a very pretty dress
The guy with the almost mechanical gargoyle wings
The man in the rubber suit because that shit fit him perfectly
80’s glam chick

There were other atrocities, but what would be the point in talking about all the flabby asses hanging out and over-sized ladies in over-sized dresses with hoops in it that only exaggerate their over-sized-ness.  Then there was the matter of the centaur, or faun, or whatever.  She was obviously quite upset that she didn’t make the cut during the costume contest.  It was quite hilarious.  Her costume wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either.  Riddick wound up winning the contest, along with the TGIF waitress and Smurfette. 

This year’s selection wasn’t as good as last year when I went to the night that was at Club Lime.  Why the fuck can’t I remember the name of that night?  Anyway, last year I saw some very original costumes, and costumes were people obviously put in a lot of effort to look like the characters they were emulating.  I especially liked the girl who was dressed like Aeon Flux, she even had the hair down right. 

Well, apart from the dastardly mix of costumes, the music was excellent.  Everyone looked to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.  There was cake and door prizes, can’t beat that

The only drawback to the evening is that I did discover someone had painted Invisible Ink on me.  It must be washed off now.  I’ll explain.  At the end of the night, I went into the bathroom to wash my face and this incredibly drunk woman was in there.  She said she liked my eyes and I said thanks, then she said that she got that compliment all the time.  At this point, this where I discover I’m very anti-social because I couldn’t really think of anything to say.  My Small-Talk Ability is very weak.  She was just babbling on and on and she was like, “Is this your first time here?”

Ehh, no.  I told her I’d been coming off and on since the place opened, and she was like, “Me, too.  Never seen you before.”  Maybe she’s just generally trashed every time she’s there and doesn’t really notice anything.  So, then later as I’m leaving, I’m outside where all the smokers are and this guy stops me.  He compliments my dress and asks, “Have you been here before?”

Err…. yeah.  All the time.  I was there two weeks ago, and the week before that.  Now, granted, there was a time when I wasn’t clubbing at all, but in the past 2 months I have enjoyed a renewed sense of vigour for clubbing.  Probably because I’m not standing on my feet all day long and I’ve been exercising which gives you energy.  I still can’t stay out all night long like I used to, but at least I’m not feeling like Grandma anymore.

Anyway, I had a good time and now I think I want to go to the Monster Bash ‘cept I’m not for paying 50 dollars to get in.


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