Bitch Fest #3: Old People Please Die

Why do people try me!

All right, I go to the gas station today and while I was there I happened to notice the vacuum thing.  I haven’t washed or cleaned my car in more than a year, and since it was staring me right in the face, I guess that was a sign.

While I was filling up my tank, a lady in an Acura came up to the vacuum before me.  So when I finished gassing up, I waited at the pump for her to finish so I could go next. 

You know how gas stations are built.  They are almost always awkward with very little room to manoeuvre, so what was the point of me trying to shift around to get behind her, and then she wouldn’t be able to get out because someone was in front of her.

While I waited, an old ass man in a VW pulled up right in front of me. I guess he thought I was still at the pump, when he saw that I wasn’t, he started waving at me.

So this is why I got pissed.  This particular gas station had probably 16 pumps, and 12 of them were open.  The man in the VW was PRESSED about getting to the pump I was at.  He kept honking at me and waving his hand, but I ignored him.  I’m the master of ignoring people.  Maybe like 5 minutes goes by and he made a big show of revving his engine and zooming past me to go to the next row of pumps.  He passed FOUR empty pumps to pull around and go to the pump that was behind mine.

I am still waiting for the vacuum.

While he is waiting for his gas to fill, the man comes up to my vehicle.

Man:  “Thanks a lot!”

Me:  “You’re welcome.”

Man:  “You could have moved.”

Me:  “I’m waiting for the vacuum.”

Man:  (He says something, but I had headphones on and I really couldn’t hear him that well, and besides I already started ignoring him.)

I waved him away and he walked off.

Two minutes later he comes back up to me and says:

“You’re the reason there are traffick jams!”

What the fuck??????

I am the reason there are traffick jams?  What the hell is that supposed to mean? 

I just rolled up my window and he was still there, going on about something, and his wife is in the background like, “Honey, just forget it.  She doesn’t care.  She’s rude.  They don’t care.  They just don’t care.”

Who’s they?  What don’t I care about?

Traffick jams?

I’m at the gas station, what the fuck does a traffick jam have to do with anything?

I don’t cuss at old people but he was workin’ my nerves.  There were all those empty pumps.  He could have pulled forward to the one next to me, or the other one next to me.  Since they were both empty.  He passed four pumps to get to the one behind me.  Was it that serious? 

Was it even serious that he needed to come up to me and accuse me of causing the world’s traffick jams, while his wife is ranting about how I don’t care?

This is why old people should be put down after a certain age.

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