Daily News November 5

Judge Removed From Bench
A Virginia judge was removed from the bench yesterday after a series of unusual court decisions. In one case, the judge ordered a woman to drop her pants so he could see this wound she supposedly had. He said that the woman had a history of illness and it was possible she was lying about being stabbed in the thigh, so he asked her to pull down her pants. After she did so, allegedly he made a comment about her wearing some “nice, black lacy thing.”

This is also the same judge who decided a custody case by flipping a coin. Hmm, which parent should have custody of the child on Christmas? Heads gets the kid. Tails, you lose. Allegedly, he also ordered a woman to marry her abusive boyfriend and told a teenager that he was a mama’s boy.

Speed Demon in Ireland
So, if you like speeding and you’re not that great of a driver, you should move to Ireland. Ireland has a reputation of being notoriously lazy when it comes to enforcing its traffick laws.

Ireland is also in the process of switching to the metric system, but most of the cars in Ireland are still using miles per hour instead of kilometres per hour. One man was caught driving 180 KPH, but when he went to the court the judge said, “Well, if you convert it to miles, it’s only 112 and that’s really not that bad.” The charge was lowered to driving carelessly with a fine of about $1500 instead of losing his license. Many judges usually acquit charges or lessen the charges of those accused of driving dangerously.

Also, in Ireland, there is a law that says even if you fail the driving test, you can still drive unsupervised.

So what is the point of even giving a test? One out of 6 Irish drivers have failed this test but are still allowed to drive with no supervision or restriction on their licenses.

Disco Dancing Dentist
A dentist in Syracuse is being sued after he broke off a drill bit in a woman’s head while dancing to “Car Wash.” According to the report, the woman had come in to have her molar removed in an emergency procedure. The dentist described his actions as “performing rhythmical steps and movements to the song ‘Car Wash'” while he was drilling the tooth for extraction. The drill bit broke off, and the dentist tried to remove it with a metal hook but it only got shoved further up.

The woman claimed the dentist told her “to sneeze it out” but other medical doctors said if she had done that she would have been blinded. The drill bit was stuck in her sinus near her left eye. The woman spent three days in hospital getting it removed after the dentist basically told her it was nothing he could and she should go to the emergency room.

Yeah, this is why people are afraid to go to the dentist in the first place


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