TSA Sponsored Event #31: Hotel Card Party

Friday night, Jonathan hosted a card party at the Red Roof Inn.  I went out with the intention of showing my face and then leaving to go to a club, but I wound up staying all night.

The usual suspects came out to have a good time:  Shannon, me, Lanae, Tiffany, Taariq, Leon, Melvin, Ayanna, Adrienne, Amber, Shandra, Tiyanna, Ashley and her sister Beyonce, Tykeisha and Ed, Josh, Michelle, Danny, Charles, Johnathan (d’uh), Harry, Rashad, Renaldo, Tanyel and someone from the morning shift, I’m not sure of her name.  There was a whole bunch of new people that I didn’t know.  I guess TSA is finally quitting the cheap act and started hiring people.  Domingo and Erica and her friend, or whatever, and Jonathan brought some of his friends out too.  If I forgot someone, I’m sorry.  Let’s just say it was a whole bunch of mother fuckers that came out, packed up in that conference room.

Shannon was already drunk by the time I got there, and I arrived around 930.  She said she had been drinking since 7.  Danny and Charles vs. Jonathan and… shit, I forgot his first partner, they played the first round of spades.  Danny and Charles….mmm, not so good at spades.  They got smashed.

Me and Shannon played against Lanae and Tanyel.  Normally, Shannon and I play very well together, but she was very drunk and once you stop paying attention to the game, that’s it.  We got smashed.  That’s okay, Shannon, we still cool.  : )

Leon and Rashad smashed Johnathan and his friend.  I’m gonna say their game was intense because it was a whole bunch of screaming going on at that table. 

Shandra arrived at this point.  She was also drunk.  She said she had been drinking since two that afternoon.  She brought some shit that nobody could pronounce and everyone was afraid to try.  It seemed like her goal was to get everyone as fucked up as she was.  I’m mad at her for burning her own forehead with her curling iron trying to curl up a half an inch of hair.  But I still love you though.

Ashley and Beyonce came next, they took over our table to play strip uno.  I don’t know if anyone was taking off their clothes but at one point, Beyonce [I don’t know her real name] jumped up with an empty bottle of Belvedere and was about to smash it on someone’s head if they didn’t take off their shirt.  I don’t know who she was talking to.  I was way across the room, I just heard the yelling. 

Everyone was pretty much having a good time, playing spades or dominoes, strip uno, or spin the bottle.  Of course, when you get that many drunk ass black people in a room, the noise level is going to be mad loud.  We got a ton of complaints but then hotels are stupid for booking people right next to the conference room.  Okay, dumb ass manager, who the fuck is having a conference in the middle of the night?  Yeah, I would think there was gonna be a party going on. 

I guess it didn’t help that certain people were outside screaming off the balcony, or that they kept opening the door so the loud ass music can fill up the parking lot.  Speaking of parking lot, why did me, Tanyel and Shannon watch this guy drive his car off a cliff?  That shit was mad funny.  He was just driving and then, bam!  That shit went overboard, face first, ass up in the air.  I wonder if he was drunk.  Had to be because it’s very obvious that the road just ends and there’s nothing but air.

Anyway… I observed some interesting dyanmics between certain persons at the party.  After I got beat in spades, I just sat in the cut watching everyone.  People think they are slick when no one is watching, but hey… I guess anything goes these days.  I won’t say nothing, just let it ride.

Around 3, I had to leave.  You know I don’t stay out that late no more.  I had a good time.  It looks like everyone else had a good time.  There was no fighting or anything crazy like that.  The cops did show up, though.  We kept getting complaints from the man about noise, or whatever.  At one point, Jonathan came in the room like, “If you’re under 21 you better hide.”  He turned the lights off and was like, “Everyone, be quiet.”  But you can’t get 25 black people in a hot ass room to be quiet.  So Tiffany was like, “What is the point of turning the lights off?  They can still hear us.  We’re some noisy ass people in a dark room.”

Beyonce tried to get us to be quiet but that didn’t work either since she was the loudest one in the room.  The cops didn’t even come upstairs, so it was like whatever.  Obviously turning the lights off did help because I don’t think we got anymore complaints about the noise.

Of course, I was there taking pictures like usual.  I don’t want to hear shit about ugly pictures!  You will look at the pictures, and you will LIKE the pictures. You can look at the pictures on the page.  If anyone wants copies of the pictures, and you were at the party, just send me your email address.  I send them to you.


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