Daily News November 28

Million Dollar Bill Strikes Again
So, a man in South Carolina tried to open up a bank account with a fake million dollar bill.  He went up to the clerk and said, “Yes, I’d like to start an account,” and handed him the fake bill.  The clerk was like, “Uh, yeah, this is a million dollar bill, and uh, they’re kinda fake.  Sorry.” 

When the clerk refused to open the account, the man started acting crazy, demanding that the account be opened so he could make an immediate withdrawal.  The clerk called the police, and when they arrived the man was still in the bank acting a fool.  At first the police weren’t going to arrest him, they just wanted him to leave but they realised that he is the same guy who was wanted for forging a check to buy cigarettes and a pack of gum at a convenience store down the street from the bank.

Okay, so didn’t we already have a guy try to cash a fake million dollar bill at a grocery store?  After that story, I guess that would be a sign to criminals everywhere that the million dollar scam doesn’t work.  The federal government has never printed a million dollar bill.  The highest they’ve ever done is a $1000 and it is not in circulation.  You can view it at the Smithsonian and that’s about it.  The fake million dollar bill is not fooling anybody, and anyone who works at a bank and would like to keep their job is not tryin’ to catch a fake ass bill.  Get it together.

Bad Teacher!
A British teacher working in a private school in Sudan has been charged with inciting religious hatred because she asked her 7 year old students to name a teddy bear for a class project.  Allegedly the students chose the name “Muhammed” which, of course, is the name of the Prophet in Islam.  It is considered in poor taste to have pictures of the prophets or any other religious figure in Islam.  Like how Christians have a picture of Jesus in their house, Muslims would never do that because they feel that no one knows what Jesus or Muhammed or any Biblical/Quranic figure looks like so no one should speculate.

At any rate, this woman has been charged and possibly jailed.  The school has also been shut down.  If convicted, she could get 40 lashes and 6 months in prison.

Being Muslim, I do find it in poor taste to have pictures of religious figures, but a teddy bear?  First of all, no retard anywhere would believe that anyone really thought a teddy bear would be an image of the Prophet.  Secondly, the children named the bear. 

And just in case anybody didn’t know, the name “Muhammed” is the second most popular male name in Britain, right after the name Jack.  Statisticians believe that the name will be the most popular by next year.  In Arab speaking countries, the name “Muhammed” is used when the name is unknown, and also serves as a surname, so it’s highly likely the kids would pick the name “Muhammed” not for religious purposes, but just because Muhammed is a popular name


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