TSA Sponsored Event #32: B-Day for Tye, Danny, Karen

I had this long thing all written out about the party and my thoughts but somehow I managed to erase it and I ain’t bout to type all that mess again.

So I’ll summarise in ten short sentences:

1.  Everybody and they mama was there.

2.  There was food, which is always good.

3.  The DJ wasn’t that great, but the dance floor stayed packed.

4.  Everybody said they had a really good time, and can’t wait to do it again.

5.  The birthday boys and girls looked like they was real excited.

6.  The only fight was the ghetto hood chicks outside throwing bottles at each other.

7.  I seen people out I ain’t seen out in a minute:  Catrice, Gretchen, Bill, Sig.. even Shaggy ass was out.

8.  When the club music came on, people was about to lose their mind.  It was that serious.

9.  There is only one mystery that needs to be solved.  Ms. Papparazzi (my new nickname) is on the case.  I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

10.  If you weren’t there, you suck.  This was a good ass party.


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