On a More Positive Note: Support the Wack Ass Choir

Yeah, I did just bash them, but the for real deal is that they could be doing a whole bunch of other things that aren’t good for them.  Singing in the choir keeps them out of the streets.

Right now they are in a struggle to keep their programme going.  Because they are a religious group someone is trying to shut them down.  I guess everyone just wants America to be an evil athiest country.  Infidels, like the Middle East refers to us.  I’m not sure how you think that’s cool, but hey, whatever.

They need all the help they can get to keep their programme alive.  They have a myspace page that you can go to for more information. [Ask Lanae]  You can sign a petition, write letters to the school board, anything you can do you think might help.

I’m one of those people that believes strongly in religion, and I know that there are other people who don’t.  I think everyone has a right to do what they want, if they want to believe or if they don’t.  We shouldn’t force people into religion if they don’t want, but you definitely shouldn’t force them OUT of it, especially if they want it.  Religion and prayer should not be mandatory, but it shouldn’t be illegal either. 

I know people are like, “there shouldn’t be prayer and religion in school,” and yeah, I don’t want you forcing my (non-existent) children into something they don’t believe in, but for kids who have nothing better to do with their time, and they WANT to do it and their PARENTS are letting them do it, what’s the problem? 

I guess I would rather see my kid singing in some wack ass Christian choir then standing on the corner selling ass. 

If this is your point of view, help the kids.  These are young black children occupying their after school hours with the power of the Lord.  Did you know the after school hours are the likely hours kids 11-16 get into the most trouble? 

Think of it as an investment:

Support the choir and the kids stay after school singing about Jesus.

Don’t support the choir, the programme gets shut down, and now they don’t have shit else to do, so they are breaking into your house and stealing your car!  And your grandma gets shot in a cross fire between two drug lords that used to be in the Millford Mill Choir.

Mmm… decisions, decisions.

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