New Year’s Resolution 2008

I make resolutions every year, and I honestly do put some effort into following them. I didn’t do too bad last year. Let’s see what I can do for 2008.

Most of my resolutions will have many parts to them, but I think it won’t get too complicated.

My resolutions:

1. Stay healthy:

A. Stay eating right like I already am
B. Stay exercising like I already am
C. Get my next belt in Tae Kwon Do
D. Run a half-marathon by the end of the year. 13.1 miles!!!

I am not going to press myself to weigh a certain amount by such-and-such time. I’m also not going to set a time to complete my half-marathon. I just want to be able to finish the damn thing. I can run about 3 miles now. Only 13 more to go!

2. Stay attractive:

A. Upgrade my sadly lacking wardrobe
B.  Keep my fucking hair done

I have a professional job now, so I need to dress like it. I need to seriously upgrade my wardrobe. It is a mess.  I absolutely hate doing my hair and most of the time, I just wash it and comb it, and hope for the best. If I have to wear a wig, get a weave, anything, I’m going to try to keep my hair right. Oh, I don’t plan on getting rid of my afro-puff, but that’ll be for the weekend. I’m staying natural, though. No perms for this sister.  Black women, stay natural.  Stop being a slave to the white man.  Straight is nice, but kinky is better.

3. Start my Master’s programme:

I’ve been bullshitting too much lately. The road to money is paved with knowledge and power. I need to find that road and get on it.

4. Network:

I need to expand my horizons. Meet new people. Get introduced to some people that might be able to help me find that road to money. I’m anti-social and like hanging out by myself. I need to change this.

5. Stop cursing:

I try this all the time, and it never works. I have an excellent vocabulary. I should use it more. I am more than the word “fuck.”

6. Work on that debt:

I’m going to stay busting down that debt until I don’t own anyone else. When I get rid of all that debt, then I can squander my money on stuff like Jimmy Choo shoes and a $1500 Prada handbag. There’s so much stuff in the world that I want and can’t get because I am lining other people’s pockets with my money. I need to get it together! Just a little more to go, and I can finally use this big-money paying job to buy shit I actually want.


I think this is all for now. No sense in making up some long as list of shit I won’t keep up with. I’ll come back in June and see how I am doing. Good luck to me!


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