Misadventures of the Village Idiot #1

I went out to the club last night.  I think I need to start reading event announcements so I know who is going to be there, so I won’t waste my time.  I usually only go out when certain DJs are going to be playing, or if they have a specific theme I like.  I try to avoid anime and J-Rock themes.  I love anime, but I don’t want to hear the music at the club.  I also don’t like 80s music in the club. 

Anyway, that one DJ who heavily favours 80s was playing.  I should try to remember his name so I don’t go when he plays. 

But that was the least of my concerns.  I thought Baltimore was jumping on the no-smoking bandwagon this year?  I could have sworn I read that somewhere.  Obviously, I was mistaken.  That’s the only reason I went to Baltimore last night because I thought smoking had been outlaws in bars and clubs and whatnot.  I hate to come home smelling like a pair of balls that have been rolling around in an ashtray.

All my weave pieces and wigs and fake pony tails stink.  Ugh.  Anyway, I think I’ll deal with it one more time, because I haven’t been to Ascension’s all goth event.  I usually go to Expo for their all industrial event which also happens to be on the last Friday of the month.  Since I prefer industrial over goth, Expo always wins out, but life needs a little shake up every now and again.  I’ll check it out just for the sake of checking it out. 

I think I still have a lace fan somewhere.


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