Senseless Scribbling of an Idiot #6

I Work Hard For the Money
So… my office did a major re-organisation effective yesterday, but the shit hit the fan today.  It’s not like at TSA where we changed piers every six months, got new supervisors, new co-workers or whatever. 

Generally, unless you get promoted, move to a new department or something of that nature, people stay working with the same set almost their entire career, except in the case of a re-org.  I thought it wasn’t going to affect me, but, I was so wrong.  I was at first happy because there are three problem children that are moving to another department, and I won’t have to deal with their cry-baby bitching anymore.

But I got a new boss.  Well, he’s not my boss, per se, but another person I might have to work for.  AND HE IS AN ASSHOLE.  On Tuesdays, we do a staff meeting, where all the managers of my office meet and go over whatever.  Todays’ meeting was the first with new chain of command.  This guy comes in, and he’s not even the head boss and everything is his way or the high way.  And the way he was talking to people.  Yeah… I can’t go for someone screaming and shouting and cursing at me.  I thought this was supposed to a professional environment. 

I can tell he is the type of guy who is always on the make.  If my boss, HIS boss, doesn’t watch out, this guy is going to be gunnin’ for his job, and I cannot work for a jackass.

On an even sadder note, I still have to work with Dingy Brain.  I do not think I mentioned her in too much detail.  About two months ago we got a new girl in the office.  Lo and behold, both her parents work for the Agency, and so it’s no wonder that she is able to find herself in any office that she wants.  She’s completely incompetent.  Her mother does the same thing she does but on a much higher level, so all she does is call her mommy whenever she can’t figure out something.  She’s incredibly lazy and has NO personality whatsoever.

Her reputation preceeded her.  When it was first discovered that she was going to move into my office, everyone was like… “Great, no help there.”  I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I quickly saw thwere was no point.  I even tried to make friends with her, but when I say she has no personality, I really mean it.  I tried girl talk, gossiping about celebrities, office gossip, “what are you doing this weekend,” even fucking sports, and you know I don’t know shit about sports.  Her responses are always lame, like… doesn’t really invite conversation.  So I would think, well, maybe this girl does not want to be friends with  me, but she talks to everyone like that.  Even her friends.  I hear her own her phone sometimes chatting it up with her friends.  She is so blah.

Typical spindly leg white girl with too much cleavage and flat hair.  The older lady that works in my office, Ms. D is always getting on to her because her bra be hanging out.  She is not big-breasted, but still all that cleavage is ridiculous and Ms. D is old fashioned.  She wants everyone buttoned up to their foreheads.

Anyway… that’s work.

I’m a Pony! I’m a Pony!
I have been REALLY, really hitting the work outs lately.  I am starting to see results.  My clothes fit better, but so far the fat hasn’t like melted off my body yet.  Inches, I’m losing inches.  That’s good and I should be happy for the little things in life.  But I want to be skinny, damn it.  I’m thinking about engaging the services of a personal trainer, someone who will really kick my ass when I’m slacking.  I had a free trial with this trainer from my gym.  He’s mean enough, like drill sergeant mean.  I don’t know if I want to spend the money though.  I am already paying for TKD lessons. 

Speaking of TKD, my instructor quit.  I think it had something to do with the owner of the school, who is a scatterbrained idiot.  We got a new instructor.  He’s from the Old Country.  Can’t understand what the hell he’s saying half the time.  He always has to do an English check every now and again.  Especially since he will say things like, “Lift your toys,” instead of “lift your toes.”  Because of the change in instructor two students have already quit the adult class.  There wasn’t that many of us in the first place.  So now it’s just me and this black belt guy.  I guess that’s like a personal trainer, huh?

Cuz That’s My Fun Day
I hung out with Kia and Leanne this weekend.  Saturday, me and Kia went to see First Sunday.  You know I hate black movies.  I especially hate black comedies.  This moronic waste of $10 was about an aging Ice Cube and a not-very-funny Tracey Morgan robbing a church.  Only Negros would come up with a ridiculous plot line. 

On Sunday, I went with Leanne to see Juno.  This is more my style of movie.  That shit was hilarious.  Just a word of advice:  don’t have sex because you are bored.  You  might regret it.  The heroine of the movie reminded me of myself at that age, except I didn’t get pregnant at 16 and give my baby up for adoption to some random couple from the Penny Saver. 

Everybody’s Working For the Weekend
I’m definitely going to the club.  I haven’t been because I had back-to-back drills.  I’m in the mood for goth-fest.  Also, Ceciley wants to do karaoke.  Ain’t done that in a minute.  And whatever else happens my way.  Thai food, I think.  I’ve been craving Thai food for some strange reason.  No, I’m not fucking pregnant.  I had some really good Pad Thai at this restaurant way out in Fairfax and I’ve been obsessing over it ever since.

On Another Note
I can’t wait to go active duty so I can blow this popsicle joint.  Sometimes, people are just so pressed when they don’t need to be.  Unless you go dig a hole and jump in it, you are never going to be left alone.  Stop bitching and get over it.  Nobody cares, except you.

That made me feel better.


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