She Ain’t Ready Yet

I have been deathly ill for the past four days.  I tried to go to work on Thursday, only to turn right back around and get back in my bed.  I slept almost 24 hours straight Thursday into Friday afternoon.

Today, I wake up and I feel like a human being.  Tonight is the birthday extravagangza, which I’ve been really looking forward to.  Ceciley and I had plans to hit the mall so that I could find a nice outfit.  She is my new personal stylist.

But obviously, even after 4 days of medication, fluids and bedrest, I am not ready for public consumption.

I almost walked into glass at H&M.  We walked around the mall for almost 3 hours straight.  Ceciley had some things to get and I was at the end of my rope.  I need to take a good nap before this shindig so I can be at the top of my game.  I bought my dress at H&M and we were ready to leave.  I was just walking and walking.  I didn’t even see it.

Then Ceciley says, “Oh my God!”  She grabbed my arm and pulled me away.  At first, I had no idea what she was doing and then I realised… this is glass.  Fragile human skin and glass do not mix. 

If I would have went through that glass, I would have fell out onto the floor and pretended to have a seizure or something, just to live that down.  There are mannequins in the window and everything, and I really almost walked into this big ass window glass display.

I need a nap.

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