My Twisted Politics

I feel like I’ve been over-saturated with election coverage.  Every election year the media starts earlier and earlier with campaigning and election results from every little voting thing they have.  It gets ridiculous after awhile.  Especially this year, election coverage is so over the top because of the potentially historical significance.  If Hilary or Barack is elected, they will either be the first woman or the first black man as president.  I suppose that’s a big deal, but I think it’s a travesty on the part of a nation that is the freest in the world.  If backward ass countries like Pakistan and Burundi can have female heads of government or heads of state, what’s up with the United States of America?  There are currently 10 female heads of state in random ass countries like India and Liberia.

I don’t vote, mostly because I could really care less.  What is the difference between one old ass white man and another old ass white man?  Not much, in my opinion.  Some people tell me it’s my civic duty, and other people say, “It’s like letting the other guy win.”  What other guy?  If I don’t like either candidate, which is the other guy?  As yet, I have not felt like my life has been directly impacted by whomever was in office.  Even now with George’s monkey ass in office and me being in the military.  Actually, I think for all of his stupidity, Georgie has actually helped me.  Because of his Homeland Security Act, I got a job with TSA, which paved the way to other things.  And then there’s the whole military aspect.  So far, so good.  Of course, I could get deployment orders tomorrow, and that would suck, but you know.

Anyway, if I were to vote this year, I wouldn’t even know who I would want.  Should I vote for Hilary because she’s a woman and I’m a woman?  Should I vote for Barack because he’s black and I’m black?  Should I vote for McCain because he’s Republican and I’m Republican?  Someone said to go off their politics, but they are all saying the same thing to me, and then they are only saying shit they think everyone wants to hear.  I do not truly believe that any candidate really believes half the garbage that comes out of their own mouths.

If I did vote, I think I would not vote for McCain.  First of all, I just don’t like the way he looks.  He looks sleazy to me.  Secondly, Georgie has let his party down and I think it’s time for a change.  The republicans had a chance to do something and they really fucked up.  Yeah, I know what you are thinking about a black person being republican.  My friend Leanne thinks it’s an oxy-moron and this other guy Stephen says that black people who think they’ve made it call themselves republican.

I don’t think “I’ve made it” or anything, but I just agree with a lot of republican ideals, particularly their stance on social policies.

I do not believe in gay marriages.  I would prefer gay civil unions.  The word “marriage” has religious connotations in my opinion.  I do believe in gay rights.

I do not agree with affirmative action.  I don’t want to be accepted to a school or given a job because I am black.  I would hope I achieved these things because I’m good enough.  When filling out applications for employment, I always put “other.”  I think many black people can achieve things based on their merit, but don’t try hard enough and depend on affirmative action to carry them through life.  If white people had “affirmative action” Al Sharpton-types would have a heart attack.

I do not believe in welfare programmes.  We should have these programmes, yes, but they should be severely limited with restrictions about how long and how much a person can  utilise such programmes.  Unwed teen mothers who have 5 kids should be capped.  If they didn’t learn after the second, third, or fourth kid, they are never going to learn.  There should be strict guidelines so that people cannot cheat the system, i.e. selling welfare cards for drug money.  My taxes pay for these programmes.  As lazy as I am, I got a job, so can anybody else unless you are physically or mentally incapable of doing so.

I believe in the privatisation of schools and education.  Right now, public schools in America pretty much suck.  I like the idea of vouchers for children whose families cannot afford to send them to better quality schools.  I don’t see this as welfare because the parents are trying to do something for the kids.  If the kid is bright enough to make it in a more advanced school, he should get an opportunity even if he is poor.  I strongly believe that education is the key to unlocking the cycle of poverty.  That’s less people on welfare as far as I am concerned.

I believe that prayers in schools is okay.  I don’t want someone to force their ideals on my kid (if I had one), but if my kid wants to say grace before eating lunch, I think that shouldn’t be a crime.  If some kids want to have a Christian meet-up after school, what’s wrong with that?  The problem is people go overboard.  We don’t need Christian teens proselytising at school trying to convert everyone, but in this country there is freedom of religion…. except at school.  That’s fucked.  This country was founded on Christian religious principles.  I am not Christian, but it is part of our history and embedded in the daily lives of most Americans.  Without a belief in God this country is fucked.  That is why we appear to lack morals especially to our enemies.  My poor misguided Muslim brothers in the Middle East look at us banishing the Ten Commandments from the courthouse and all we look like is godless heathens.

I believe that Americans should have the right to bear arms.  I do want gun control, of course.  I don’t want some Muslim extremist off his meds to be able to buy a semi-automatic weapon so he can go shoot up a church, or some unloved skinny white boy suffering from a psychotic break to buy a gun from Wal-Mart so he can shoot up his school.  But if you’re a law-abiding citizen who knows how to keep the weapons away from kids, what’s the problem?  If the government would do something about the crime rate, maybe we wouldn’t feel like we need to protect ourselves.  Which brings me to…

I am pro-death penalty.  If you are convicted of a capital crime beyond a reasonable doubt, you should fry.  I don’t want my tax dollars feeding some convicted murder-rapist of small children.  Some prisoners live better than some middle class people.  That’s fucked.  If you are convicted beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of your peers, you should get one chance to appeal.  If you fail, you should be fried within the next year.  No sitting on death row for 10 years wasting oxygen that law abiding people could be using.  I don’t believe convicted criminals should have rights.  I don’t find capital punishment to be cruel or unusual.  If you are guilty of murdering someone by chopping them up in some bizarre brutal way, you have committed a cruel and unusual act against them.  Why should we be humane to you?  Your death should be as painful as possible and televised.  Under the current system, death penalties are not often deterrents to crime, but if we started shooting criminals from the knees up on public television I bet your ass would think twice about snatching up some little girl.

I am against illegal immigration.  I welcome you to America… as long as you go through the proper channels, i.e. filling out endless applications, standing in long lines and getting lost in a bureaucratic maze.  Seriously, we should fix our immigration process because it is a travesty.  But, right now, it’s the law.  Running across open desert, floating on a piece of driftwood or stowing away in a shipping container is not really what the law had in mind.  Thousands of immigrants come to America and gain citizenship properly.  I don’t understand what the problem is.  The sad part is, illegal immigrants are so exploited, doing work that Americans consider beneath them.  They are paid abominably low wages, usually don’t have health care and don’t know their rights when bad things happen to them.  It’s a pretty shitty life, especially since all of that is considered a hell of a lot better than where they came from.  I just don’t think it’s right though.  Illegal immigration hurts everyone.  Republicans are currently divided on the issue of immigration. 

The only thing I disagree with is the abortion issue.  I am strongly pro-choice, however, I, myself, would not consider an abortion if I was in such a situation.  I believe it be morally wrong, but I think it’s worse to take away the woman’s right to decide if she wants to bring a life into this world.  Let’s say there is no abortion.  Some woman gets pregnant, doesn’t really want kids, can’t really afford a kid.  No job.  No education.  Who the fuck do you think takes care of the brat?  We do.  With our tax money, because now this hoe has to go on welfare to take care of the brat.  If she gives the give up for adoption, unless she gives birth to a beautiful blonde blue-eyed baby girl, the chances someone will actually want the kid is small.  So the kid is in the system, being cared for off our tax money.  A lot of kids in foster care are abused, run away and turn to a life of crime (not all kids, but a good number).  When the little brat winds up in jail, who takes care of his ass?  We do.  With our tax money.

Once again, it all comes down to education.  You have to teach sex ed in schools and not just cover up the issue with the hope that little girls and boys will rely on God to make decisions.  When you are 16 years old and horny, Jesus is the last person on your mind.  Yeah, we all want our teenagers to wait until they are older to have sex, but the truth is that they really don’t.  I do not want abortion to be a form of birth control, but if you teach kids about making wise choices, there will be less chances of an unwanted pregnancy, thus limiting the need for abortions.

I just don’t want some young woman who found herself in a bad situation to be stuck with a kid she can’t take care of.  Yeah, we know about sensible alternatives, but when you are scared and feel trapped, you make stupid decisions.  Look at all these fuckers who killed their own babies, throwing them in trash cans because they were too scared to tell their parents or they couldn’t get abortions in their state because of age requirements. 

Anyway, before I could even decide who I want to vote for, I need to register.  I was registered once when I was 18 and only because it was a school requirement.  I was supposed to vote that year and then write a paper about it.  I didn’t vote and I wrote my reasons for not doing so.  Something along the lines of “I don’t really give a damn.  I’m 18.  My world consists of parties, video games and clothes.  What can Bill Clinton or Bob Dole do for me?”  Surprisingly, I got an A on that paper.  My professor said it reflected the attitudes of most American teenagers.

I’m not a teenager anymore but I still feel like Hilary, Barack and John can’t really do shit for me.  Unless they significantly lower income taxes, I could really care less, and maybe take away the social security shit that I am not going to get when I’m old.  I may be more amenable to voting.


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