Cubicle Death #2

It’s only been two days since my mother has given me that advice.  I think it was good advice, and I think it’s working.  In addition to all the cussing and fussing, she warned me about being chummy with the girl.  She also told me that I need to fully document everything I do, and not help the girl in anyway.  If she ever asks me any questions, I should just play dumb like I don’t know.  My mom was like, “If she comes up to you like, ‘uhm, do you know how to format the news items?’ just be like, ‘Oh, I’m not really sure, but there is an SOP on that.  Let me get it for you.’  And then just throw that shit on her desk and walk away.”

I’m also trying to develop a phone voice that my callers can hear, but she can’t.  This chick is mad ear-hustling.  It is my duty to answer the phone and respond to any inquiries about anything.  Most of the time, it has to do with my boss and specific information he may need to do something.  Whenever my phone rings, she will suddenly need to do something over at my desk so she can ear-hustle and then run to my boss when he gets back and report on everything. 

But I got something for her ass.  I’m going to start giving her bad information.  Then she can report on that, and have that shit be wrong.  Then my boss will need the right info, and I will be the one that supplies it. 

It’s really sad that it has to be so cut-throat like this.  But I have been told there are limited positions for promotion and it’s pretty much every man for himself.  People who work in different departments were telling me horror stories of the things people did to each other to get ahead. 

I think I can be cut-throat too.  I just need to learn the rules of the game first.  That’s my problem.  I don’t know what’s acceptable and what isn’t, and I don’t want to hem myself up by doing something dumb. 

It’s too bad I can’t take her ass out back and kick her in the face.  It is just amazing to me how someone this moronic, this unprofessional and immature even found herself in this position.  Yeah, I did mention her mom, but still… It’s just amazing.

I will also follow my dad’s advice.  He told me that even though he is content with his job, he always keeps his eye out for different opportunities.  I wasn’t really looking, but I should from now on.  If anything, just to see what new skills are being required so I can make sure I have them.  I don’t want to become outdated by settling.  I’m always after more paper, and won’t be satisfied until I am staring at 6 figures.  Even though I more than half way there, I still have some more to go. 

I got to get right.

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