I had to write about this. 

Earlier today, I read on CNN about a website called Juicycampus.com.  It’s pretty much a website where you can get online and say shitty things about people you know or don’t know at your school.  It could be the truth, it could be gossip, it could be anything you want.  The website does not track your personal information, they don’t ask for real names or anything like that.  Because of the First Amendment, we have a right to free speech and pretty much we can say what we want, as long as we don’t say some shit like, “I’m bombing the Capitol Building.”  No, you can’t say bomb on a plane.

So, anyway, this girl, “Jane Smith,” she goes on the website to find out that people wrote shit like she’s a racist and whore, and she felt “really bad” about those “lies.”  Because the website doesn’t track information, she can’t find out who it is that is saying these things about her.  She wants to sue them for libel.  Okay, so libel is when you print something derogatory about someone that isn’t necessarily true.  “Jane” claims that she is so depressed that this experience has pretty much ruined college for her.  She’s in her freshmen year.

Okay, my thing is, do you really give a damn about what some hoes are saying about you on a website?  Whoever these people are, do they really matter?  If “Jane” isn’t a whore or a racist, what’s the problem?  If she is a whore and a racist, what’s the problem?  She don’t want people to know she’s an undercover hoe?  If she’s a racist, I’m sure she doesn’t want people to know but that’s just too bad.  Maybe you should keep your opinions to yourself.  People don’t just walk up to you and think, “Yeah, she’s a racist.”  You have to had said something or exhibited some type of behaviour that would lead them to think this.

The point is, all the kids that are getting bashed on this website are crying because they think it’s unfair that Juicycampus.com would allow people to engage in gossip on its pages.  They want to have the website shut down.  This is stupid.  If you shut the website down, do you really think all the gossip about you will stop?  No, then people will just resort to the time-honoured methods of gossiping, word of mouth and text messaging on their cellphones, and then that will suck because now you won’t have no clue what’s being said about you.

People are so thin-skinned.  No, I wouldn’t like it if someone posted on their myspace page that I was a skanky hoe bag, but since it isn’t true, I could really give a damn.  You don’t sign my pay checks, you don’t pay my bills, you don’t do shit for me, so your opinion doesn’t matter.  I am not going to try to sue you for libel or some shit.  Why?  I can just as easily get on myspace and call you a piece of trash, and you know I will because I don’t really give a damn.  But I guess some people feel like they need to have acceptance by their peer group.  And then I suppose it makes it worse because Juicycampus.com is totally anonymous.  That could be your supposed best friend up there calling you a whore and a racist. 

I wish people would stop being so pressed about what others think about them.  If they ain’t your momma, your daddy, or your Higher Religious Authority, they shouldn’t mean shit to you.  Let that shit roll off your shoulders and keep it moving.  Now Jane Smith’s dumb ass is depressed, on anti-depression meds, thinking about dropping out of college because someone called her a whore.  She said her college experience is ruined.  So now your whole life is defined by what some hoe said on a website? 

Jane needs to do two things:  kill herself because the gossip will never end.  No matter how old you get, there will always be someone in your life starting something.  Or she can knuck-up and buck-up.  I would get on Juicycampus.com and say, “Yeah, I’m a hoe.  What about it?  That’s why I was with your man last night.”

This is what I tried to explain to my friend.  He is so pressed about what other people think about him.  His whole life is centred around how other people view him.  Every move is motivated by what someone will say.  How can you possibly be happy trying to fit into the mould that everyone wants to squeeze you in?  You will never satisfy everyone, and you will die trying.

Look at Britney Spears ass.  That bitch has lost her fucking mind because she cannot handle the pressure of everyone up her ass all day long.  She has ruined her career, lost her kids, lost her good looks, and is the subject of ridicule from one end of the country to the other.  That bitch is on anti-psychotic medications and had to be hospitalised because she is a threat to herself and society.  Because she is pressed about every little thing that comes out in the papers about her.

Yeah, nobody wants to be scrutinised and have your private life exposed, but you can’t control everything, and you have to learn how to deal with it or you will go fucking crazy.  Watch, Jane Smith is going to wind up like Britney, paranoid and doped up on meds because she can’t handle it.  My friend too. 

All three of them need to go jump under a rock somewhere because it’s not that fucking serious.


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