Daily News April 3

Nine bad ass kids plot to kill teacher
Nine bad ass kids from Georgia plotted to kill their teacher today.  Another student who knew about the plot got scared and told a teacher what was going to happen.  (At least one kid had some sense.)  The oldest child was 10 and the youngest is 8.

The plan was very elaborate.  They were going to knock the teacher over the head with a paper weight and handcuff her.  Then they were going to stab her.  Each student had a responsibility.  One was going to cover the windows so no one could see in.  Another student was in charge of clean up so they wouldn’t get caught.

The teacher teaches kids who have learning disabilities, hyperactive disorder and attention problems.  None of them are mentally retarded or anything like that.

Some of the kids thought it was all a joke.  One boy was supposed to bring a fake pistol to scare the teacher, but he thought he was going to get in trouble so he left it at home.  Two girls aged 9 and 10 brought a steak knife, handcuffs and duct tape.  Another boy brought sheets to cover the window and someone else brought the paperweight.

So pretty much these kids planned on fucking the teacher up because the teacher punished one of the students for standing on top of a desk.

The students have been suspended from school and some of them have been arrested.  Most of them are too young to be tried as adults and too young to be sent to a juvenile facility if convicted.  They have been charged with conspiracy  to commit aggravated assault.

Okay, what the fuck.  Nine little kids… 8, 9, 10 years old plot to bash the teacher in the head with a paper weight and then handcuff her ass, put some duct tape on her mouth so she can’t scream and then they were going to stab her.  They even had someone to cover the windows and to clean up the mess afterwards.  These are kids who clearly watch way too much television.  Unless their parents are hitmen or high profile drug dealers, they couldn’t have learned that in the streets or at home.

I have always been an advocate of monitoring what children watch on TV. I know a lot of kids get things from their friends at school, so sometimes it’s useless to curb their TV.  But nine year olds don’t generally know how to murder someone and then have the forethought to think about the potential of getting caught.

Then there is the problem of how they got this stuff.  A steak knife.  Yeah, that came out the kitchen when mommy wasn’t looking.  Duct tape.  That’s laying around in the garage.  Handcuffs?  Where the fuck did they get handcuffs?  The parents didn’t notice one of their sex toys was missing?  Is one of the parents a cop?  He didn’t know his handcuffs are missig from his police belt?

Being a parent is a very hard job.  When you have more than one kid, you are working trying to put food on the table, you cannot sit and watch your children all day long.  But you have to try as best as you can to instill some kind of values and morals in your kids so when you can’t be with them they make good decisions.  Then you have to try to keep them from being in situations they ain’t no good for them.

I can’t tell anyone how to be a parent because I don’t have kids, but this is really beyond the limit.  These kids have obviously been sitting up late at night watching The Sopranos to have thought, “Hmm, let’s beat the bitch in her head, handcuff her and then stab her.  Okay, Susie, you cover the windows and Johnny you clean up the mess when we are done.”

This is crazy.  Even if the kids get convicted nothing will really happen to them because they can’t go to a juvenile facility.  Being 10 years old, you can’t be tried as an adult in any state.  A good defense lawyer will get the charges thrown out anyway, claiming they are too young to realise they meant to murder or seriously harm her.  The other parents don’t want the kids to come back to school because they are concerned for their own kids.

As well they should be.  A roving group of bad ass 9 year olds.

Did anybody see that dumb ass movie Hostel with those wild ass little kids robbing people?  In other countries, mostly third world countries, kids grow up hard and fast because they have to take care of themselves.  Even with child labour in other countries, it’s hard for a 6 year old to get a job to eat if his parents are dead or don’t give a damn about him.  Those kids are different.

Middle class American children do not need to run in packs and maim and torture people to survive.  Where did they get this?

See why I am never having children?  Even if I liked the little bastards, I would be worried that my child is either going to grow up to be a psycho or he will be killed by one of his psycho ass friends.  I know it’s hard to be a parent, and I probably don’t even know half the stuff they go through.  This is crazy.


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