TSA Sponsored Event #35: Wii Was Hanging with L&L

So enough of the melodrama.  Let’s talk about the party.  As usual, there will be pictures and anybody who wants a copy just needs to send me their email, even if you think I already have it.

Anyway, Lanae decided to have a small gathering at her house in  honour of Leon’s TWENTY-EIGHT birthday.  I had to put it out there like that.  Even though I was the second oldest at the gathering, topped only by Shelly Shellz, I would point out that Leon was the oldest male.  Older women can be hot while older men… well, nobody is trying to hump Harrison Ford anymore, but Halle Berry at 40 can get still get it.

It turned out to be game night for grown folks.  We started with Lanae’s playstation only for it to be rendered obsolete by Danny’s Wii.  Nintendo should cut Danny a royalty check because I think just by that demonstration alone, half the people in the room were on their way to Wal-Mart after the party to look for a Wii.

Although Danny is a fucked up salesman to only bring ONE remote to a house party.  I guess he figured he was going to play by himself.  And then the damn batteries were half dead, and he didn’t bring all the pieces.  Imagine if he had brought everything, he could have secured Wii sales for the other half that was still on the fence.

They started up a rowdy bowling tournament.  Leon, Taariq, Danny and Dayvon’s friend.  (Sorry for spelling your name wrong, or not even knowing your name at all.  I wasn’t on my game after that whole event.)

Danny put the English on them, but Taariq who is usually intellectually-challenged managed to muscle his way into second place.  When they started a second game, Lanae, myself, Ms. A and Ti sat at the grown folks table for a game of spades.  It was the Royalty vs. the Skanky Hoes, and sorry to say the Skanky Hoes laid it down.  They set us in the fourth round and there was no way to recover from there.  That’s all right though.  Next time.  Next time!

J.J. and Kareem had planned a drinking contest.  Both of them are big mother fuckers, and I assume that at least one of them thought his over-sized brawn would see him through shots of Paul Masson, Bud Ice and other liquors.  They broke several cardinal rules of drinking:

1.  Never mix brown and white.
2.  Once you graduate from beer to hard liquor, you cannot go back.

J.J. was declared the winner when Sheree had to escort Kareem from the premises.  Later, he was seen hanging out of his vehicle puking every cell out of his body.  No word on if he was able to recover his brains or not.

While J.J. is the winner, there is a tie for third place for most drunk:  Dayvon or Danny.  Danny managed to run into the door several times before he realised that didn’t have the ability to walk through solid objects.   Dayvon  was able to communicate with the other world through his non-sensical ramblings to himself.  Since I do not know him, I might have thought he had a schizoid personality if I hadn’t seen him drink a 40 of the second nastiest malt beverage in America (Steel 21, or whatever that shit is).  The first nastiest malt beverage is Old Milwaukee, the beverage of choice of 80 year old homeless men.

Other guests included Ayanna B., New York’s native son, who for a change had her clothes on.  As usual, she was chillin in the cut, never one to be rowdy or out of control.  Mad props to Tiffany and Ms. A for their fabulous figures, looking good, ladies, looking good.  Ti was also in the house and always is a charming asset to a TSA sponosred event.

As for the birthday boy and his sidekick Taariq, I’m sure once they explain to their wives and girlfriends the need to spend $250 on a Wii, they will be at Best Buy looking for one.  Clearly, there has never been a toy invented to appease the simple mind than the Wii.  Nintendo was able to occupy them for 4 hours straight, between bowling, baseball and tennis.

Shelly Shellz joined us later in the night which was finished out taking it back to 1988 and Super Mario Bros. 3, the game that got 10 year olds addicted to video games.  Even Danny was amazed at the game knowledge of the combined wits of Ti, Shelly Shellz and the Princess Paparazzi who still has her original Nintendo and Super Nintendo.

After several group attempts to the save the Mushroom Princess from one of Bowser’s minions, the Princess Paparazzi had to call it a night.

If you didn’t come out for the get together, that’s too bad.  It was highly amusing.

Don’t forget to stop by Leon’s page and remind him how old he is.


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