Misadventures of the Village Idiot #13

I tested for my yellow belt this evening.

In order to advance I had to complete the form “Kichiyon.”  It is a series of blocks, punches and kicks.  The higher belt you get the longer the form and the harder they are to remember.  My instructor is particular about placement of the hands, yelling at the right moment and proper stance.

After the form, I had to do several kicks:  in-to-out kick, out-to-in kick, axe kick, snap front kick and side kick.  Thankfully, he did not ask me to do roundhouse because that is my worst kick and I always fall over.  I have no balance.

Then I had to beat the bag for a minute.

Finally I had to break the boards again.  Just as when I tested for my white belt, I had to hammer punch the first board, but I had to axe kick the second board.

I thought the kick would be easy, but it’s really not.  It’s about aim and proper stance.  If you hit it on the side it won’t break.  Has to be exactly in the middle.  I failed on the first attempt.  You only get two tries.  After a deep breath, I kicked it and broke it.

So now I am yellow belt.

The baby games are over.  I have been informed that I must spar to get yellow advanced.  I wasn’t really interested in sparring, but I suppose it’ll be helpful to actually put these moves into practise.  Plus, fighting is a good work out.  I’ll burn more calories that way.

I wasn’t interested in sparring because I have no plans for entering a competition.  It’s not really my style.  But after further consideration, I think I will enter a competition next year, but I will do forms instead.  The only problem is that I weigh too much to really get good snap.  So that is another advantage of losing weight, that I will be able to have a perfect form with that snapping sound you hear in martial arts movies.  My instructor sounds like that when he practises his forms, but he’s really in shape and not a big dumpy girl like me.

You can win good money from competitions, but mostly the fighters get the big bucks.  Not too much money involved for forms and weapons.  But it’ll be nice to have a trophy on my shelf.  Something to achieve.

I have to learn a Shotokan form for yellow advanced.  And then I told him I was interested in learning how to fight with weapons.  We practised with katanas a couple of weeks ago.  I liked that.  I also want to learn to use the bo staff.  You could really fuck someone with that thing.  Yeah… Weapons.

Congratulations to me.


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